12 Killer Writing Tips For Your Outstanding Content Marketing Campaign

There are so many elements that must come together in order for a content marketing campaign to succeed. Everything from landing page development to hashtags, to analytics must all be on the mark. It’s a lot to think of. Interestingly enough, one of the most important things is the easiest to overlook.

An online marketing campaign is nothing if there aren’t talented folks who are able to write amazing content. Great marketing content must be relevant, well-written, and meet your target audience’s needs. Keep reading for 12 tips on boosting the marketing power of your writing.


1.Use Keyword Research Tools to Improve SEO

In spite of the fact that Google’s rules on the use of keywords have changed several times, writers still must use them in order to reach their SEO goals. One of the most effective ways to improve your SEO game is to use keyword research tools such as BuzzSumo and KeywordTool.IO. The former will let you know how various keyword phrases are performing. The latter will supply you with long tail keyword suggestions based on keywords you enter.


2. Make Copy Scannable

If you are going to write copy for content marketing campaigns, it is best to assume that content is going to be read from mobile devices. Break copy down so that it is scannable and small screen friendly. Use plenty of bullet points. Highlight important points in bold. Use plenty of white space. Most importantly, avoid large blocks of text that are difficult to read.


3. Break The Rules And Use ‘You’

Most of us were taught that there were only two appropriate choices when it comes to choosing the writer’s point of view. These were writing from the first person point of view, e.g., ‘I went to the store’, or the third person point of view, e.g., ‘They went to the store’.

Neither of these is very effective when it comes to content writing. Instead, you want to address the reader directly. This means using the second person point of view, e.g., ‘You went to the store’. This ensures that the focus of your writing is always on the most important person.


4. Simplify Your Prose

There is no place in content marketing for big words, long sentences, technical jargon, or other unnecessary complexities. Writing should be accessible and easy to read. Consider using the Hemingway app which does an amazing job at identifying writing that contains elements that may make it difficult to read.


5. Show it Don’t Say it

Which of the following two statements if more convincing?

‘We have great customer service.’


‘An independent survey commissioned by Acme Research Associates concludes that we are ranked best in customer service.’

Remember that cynicism levels are quite high on the internet. Back up your claims with quotes, statistics, testimonials, visuals, and other evidence. You’ll build trust with your audience and ensure that your content has plenty of impacts.


6. Tell Stories

Anything that you want to communicate with your audience can be that much more interesting to them if you can turn it into a story. Whether you are telling the story of the founding of your business, or the conception and development of a product, this approach can pull your audience members in and help you to form important emotional attachments with them. This is what leads to relationship building which is  ultimately what content marketing is all about. If you are successful in creating great stories, before you know it your blog post and essay supply and demand will be off the charts.


7. Encourage Feedback

You may have noticed that a lot of internet copy ends with a question directed at readers or simply a request that they leave comments. This simple step is really important, as it leaves the door open for people to share their opinions and engage with the author and one another. The more comments, opinions, and stories you can coax out of your readers the better.

Of course, in addition to inviting feedback, you’ll want to respond to that feedback in order to create conversations. This engagement will lead to social sharing and even more engagement. Your responsiveness is an important part of all of this.


8. Make it Interactive

Encouraging engagement is wonderful. Why not take it to the next level. Use your writing talents to create surveys and quizzes, or up audience participation by soliciting user-generated content. This brings your audience into the fold and makes them a part of your content, rather than simply being a passive consumer of it.

In fact, this is what hashtag marketing campaigns are made of. Users become both contributors and distributors of your message.


9. Write Amazing Headlines

Your headline may very well be the most important part of any piece of content that you write. After all, when people scroll through Google search results, what is the first thing that they see? That’s correct! Your title, along with a bit of other information is what is featured.

Not only that, we’re conditioned to read headlines. Anybody who has ever walked through a bookstore and doubled back because a title caught their attention can attest to this fact.

To create great headlines, consider using Coschedule’s headline analyzer tool or Hubspot topic generator. Simply copy in your headline, and you will receive a great analysis on the impact it is likely to have.


10. Use Power Words

Power words are words and phrases that evoke high order emotions in people that read them. You can use power words to make people angry, ‘Don’t get ripped off anymore!’, to appeal to their sense of greed, ‘Free gift included on the first 100 orders!’, or their fear ‘Your computer could be vulnerable!’.

Each of these words and phrases (ripped off, free gift, vulnerable) are power words. These are important in content marketing, because once you arouse certain emotions in people, it becomes much easier to get them to answer your call to action.


11. Find Trending Topics to Keep Readers Interested

The perfect content marketing storm is the marriage of a trending topic and your ability to turn it into something that is uniquely interesting to your target audience. If you can take that content and also tie it into your brand, that’s even better.

By using a combination of tools and techniques, you can find trending topics by using Alltop or another news aggregator. Then, you can use BuzzSumo to see what your competitors are saying about that topic. Finally, you can use the keyword tool suss out some long tail keywords that will help improve your search engine rankings.


12. Make it Sticky

It’s a great thing when people read your content. It’s even better when they share or like your content on social media. If they subscribe, then you’ve really accomplished something. This indicates that they are so impressed that they plan to come back and read more.

To get people to subscribe to your posts or bookmark your pages, start by writing sticky content. This is content that makes people want to come back for more.



It isn’t easy writing effective content. Your posts must be easy to read, clear, and emotionally impactful. You have to know your audience and reach them with content that is meaningful to them. In addition to this, you still have to use keywords and other elements to impress search engine spiders and get the ranking that you deserve. However, once you figure things out, the results are more than worth the effort.


About author:

Pat Fredshaw is a talented blogger and guest contributor from Oakland, California. She works as a freelance writer for college writing service Essay Supply and writes her own book. You can ask Pat any questions via Facebook.