4 Expert Tips on Social Media Marketing

4 Expert Tips on Social Media Marketing

There are many methods you can use to reach out to potential customers online. One of the most promising methods is the social media. In recent years, social networks have exploded and marketers have not been left behind. However, for social media to work in your favor when marketing, it is imperative that you make proper use of it. This post looks at some of the best expert social media marketing tips you can get for 2016 through 2017.

  • Create more videos

Advances in technology and connectivity have made videos more popular. People prefer watching explainer videos more than reading a guide book. This is because visual content is easier to process and to understand. In addition to posting normal updates on your profile pages, make sure that you add more videos.

Videos have more engagement. They humanize the social media and offer a better way to have meaningful experiences that go beyond likes and retweets. People are more likely to share videos on YouTube with their friends on Facebook or any other platform.

  • Don’t do everything all at once

When starting up on social media, it is easy to feel like you have to do everything in order to succeed. The truth is you don’t. You need to focus on one thing and do it well before proceeding to the next thing. In addition to that, don’t strive to be on all platforms all at once. While some platforms are great for sharing photos and others for videos, it is important that you start by picking one platform at a time. Select the social media platform that helps you focus on what you want to achieve.

In the beginning, you need to take one step at a time. Taking on everything at once will only succeed in confusing you. You can diversify later once you have perfected on one platform.

  • Keep track of your leads

A common mistake marketers make when on social media is that of forgetting about promising leads. This happens mostly because they don’t pay much attention on following up. This can cost you great leads. In addition to responding to the comments of your customers as soon as possible you need to keep track of the sales.

  • Make focused marketing efforts

To achieve focused results in social media marketing, you need to create focused posts. This means you need to understand your audience, what your products or services can do for them then craft content that is unique to them. You will also need to follow up. Respond to customer comments and answer their questions as soon as possible.

Social media marketing is all about focusing on specific customers. Do not create general content. Your audience needs to feel that you understand their plight and are really interested in helping them solve their problems. Considerable research is needed to understand what your customers are after before you market anything to them.




David Wicks from Salesforce git,  is an experienced Salesforce administrator passionate about helping marketers achieves great results.