4 Solid Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Landing Page to Optimize Conversions

In digital marketing, just like in everything else in this life. First impressions are very important.



In fact, first impressions are critical. How your website visitor perceives your website within the first 30 seconds of landing on it will determine whether they will continue checking out your website.


Also whether they will eventually respond to your call to action and engage in the activity that you desire from them. Be it purchasing a product or signing up for your email newsletter.

This means that as a publisher, you must strive to go the extra mile in order to make sure that you get your landing page perfect the first time round.

So let us get the definition of the word landing page out of the way. Before we go on into how to optimize your landing page. To make sure that you get as many website visitors converting. A landing page is also known as a lead capture page or lander . It is usually a single page which appears in response to clicking on an SEO search result or SEM advertisement.


Landing Pages Optimization.

The landing page is often linked to or from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through an email campaign or a Search Engine Marketing, SEM, campaign. The primary role of the landing page, which is usually distinct from the other website pages, is to convert visitors into leads or buyers of your product.  A landing page optimized for generating leads is usually designed to capture key details of the visitor. Such as contact details and demographics.

Whereas on the other hand the landing page optimized for sales, the landing page will have a link embedded which will take the visitor to the page from which you are selling your ways.  The link will direct the visitor directly to the shopping cart or to the checkout area in order for the visitor to complete the intended purchase action. The landing page is also a good source of metrics.  Which can be used by the savvy marketer to gain in-depth understanding of the buyer persona.


Lead Generation & Reference Landing Pages.

Therefore, technically speaking, a landing page falls into the following two distinct categorizations; reference landing page and transactional landing page. The reference landing page is designed to provide information that is of great relevance to the website visitor. It is commonly a multimedia page utilizing text, images, compilations and relevant links to get the job done quickly and effectively.

On the other hand, the transactional landing page is designed to persuade the website visitor to take the desired action by making a transaction. In this case, the transaction can be to make a purchase. To verify the transaction, key information is derived from the website visitor with information such as the email address, age, gender, income levels, work and other demographic data. All that information is being collected in order to create a complete picture of the visitor for marketing purposes.

Use Dedicated Landing Pages.

The best way for you to go about having a winning SEO landing page without having to go through an entire coding boot camp is to use the readily available dedicated WordPress, WP, landing page templates. To get the page up and running within the shortest time possible. WP has dedicated landing pages which will get the job done quickly and professionally. But before we get to the templates, let us explore the fundamentals of choosing a winning landing page below.


Make It Clean and Clear:

Simplicity is key with the landing page. You need to make sure that the User Interface, UI and Usability, UX, are on point, meaning that you want your users to be able to navigate the page. In as simple a manner as humanly possible.


You need them to quickly figure out who you are:

What you have on offer and what you are asking from the visitor. Which is for them to convert. So it should be easy to navigate, you should also use bullet points, whitespace, images and colors to make it as attractive as possible to the potential convert.


Make it Central for Marketing:

Just as busy airports such as the JFK airport are important transportation hubs moving people through and transferring them from one location to the other seamlessly. So it should be with your landing page.


The landing page is the hub for all your marketing efforts:

Both online and offline. It is the prime location from whence you direct all the traffic from your online advertising efforts, social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns and even offline marketing campaigns and efforts.


Build Trust and Consistency:

Since the landing page is designed above all to build relationships with future clients, you must strive to be very clear on who you are and what you are offering from the get-go.


Always remain on message:

That means that you need to be consistent with your message. If you say that you will offer a certain service or product to your clients in a certain manner, do make a point of sticking to your message and your promise to them. After all, your word is your bond.


Improve The Page’s SEO

The landing page is above else a key plank of your Search Engine Optimization, SEO, effort. And as such, it has a technical aspect to it. You need your landing page to be found on the Search Engine Results Pages, SERPs. In this case, you need to optimize it, firstly for humans and secondly for the robots.


To achieve this goal of SEO:

You need to do the following well. Use keywords in your page title. Use keyword phrases in your text, and liberally include social share buttons on your website. You should also use the relevant Meta Tags. The Meta Tags are your website’s backend that the search robots read in order to index your website. If you employ all the steps mentioned above, then you will be well on your way to marketing bliss.


Author Bio.

Marcel Joust is a WordPress landing page themes professional designer. Who has been in the business of developing winning landing pages for the past 15 years. In this time, he has worked with some of the biggest Fortune 50 firms to aid in their marketing efforts, leading to conversion rates of more than 130% for some select clients.