If you are an online marketer, then you appreciate the place of search engine optimization (SEO). There are millions of websites yet only a few get returns on investment, all because they are not optimized for search engines. The goal of every SEO strategy is to create a great and seamless user experience and at the same time communicate to search engines what your website is all about in order to be ranked for the target keyword. Of the search engine market, Google enjoys 71.35% market share and your SEO strategy must focus on this platform.

Leveraging Google’s Position

Google uses search algorithms to rank websites on its search engine result page (SERP). While there are still contentious over what Google considers in its ranking, the company provides guidelines for what webmasters should do to increase their chances for higher ranking. With a top ranking on Google, your website not only enjoys more quality traffic but your brand also gets high credibility ratings.
With more people visiting your website, you expect higher conversion which translates to more revenue and this is what every online marketer desires. But there is more; your website can only rank highly if you have valuable content and organic links because Google is strict over black hat techniques. This means visitors who land on your page will be genuinely interested in your content.
What are some other factors to remember when optimizing your website for Google search engine? Here are some ideas:

1. What is a Google-friendly Website?

On its support page, the company clearly delineates factors that will make your website appeal to its search engine crawlers. Some of the listed factors include:


• Organic backlinks: These help the search engine crawlers to find your website which in turn gives you more visibility.
• Relevant content: High-quality content has been cited as one of the major ranking signals. Make sure your visitors find the information you have promised in order to improve your ranking. This is one of the top SEO techniques.
• Maneuverability: Your website must be easily accessible from one section to the next. A logical link structure makes this easy and your SEO will easily do this to guarantee higher ranking for your targeted keyword.

2. Google SEO Optimization

There is no denying that Google SEO is crucial for your website but how do you achieve this? Here are the main considerations:
• Keyword research: Your SEO experts will help you research the best keywords and phrases using tools such as AdWords among others. This helps you identify which keyword to focus on your content.
• On-page optimization: You have to use keywords naturally in the body of the text, titles, sub-headings, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, anchor text and image file names. Your SEO expert will be on hand to help throughout the process and to ensure the keywords are in the right places.
• Content promotion: Internal and external links from outside websites are critical in your ranking but remember they have to be organic. Avoid purchasing links because this will lead to devastating penalties that can ruin your business.

3. What Google SEO is Not

Optimizing your website for Google might sound like a walk in the park; what with all the automated tools that you can find online? In fact, some SEO services guarantee immediate ranking on Google and you might feel this is the best route. Well, be forewarned because there are no overnight results for real SEO campaigns.
Google SEO is an ongoing process that entails improvement of your keywords, website structure, design, content, links and repairing all other glitches that might be affecting the speeds. Some of the things to avoid in Google SEO include:


• Keyword stuffing: Search engines are now cleverer than ever and you can bet overuse of keywords will lead to penalties. Make sure you use professional content creators who understand keyword density requirements.
• Poor navigation: Every online marketer is after traffic and search engines expect you will make their experience on your website seamless. Poor user experience leads to lower ranking and worse still, you will have to contend with high bounce rates. A high bounce rate leads to lower ranking because crawlers immediately know your content is irrelevant.
Purchased and generated links: This is a black hat technique that can badly hurt your online business.

4. How Google is Redefining SEO

If you launched your website a year ago and you haven’t optimized it for search engines, it is highly likely you can’t find it anywhere. In the same breath, if you have been trying to use black hat techniques to gain ranking, you must be wondering what happened to your once highly ranking website.


This has to do with Google algorithm updates which are making the ranking process even more efficient. How has Google changed the SEO landscape? Take a look:
• Google is more than search: Most online marketers have been leveraging the power of Google as a search engine without realizing it is now more important for SEO. Consider local search, for example, paid ads, reviews, maps and the increase in rich answers and you will realize that Google can do more than return a result for your target keyword.
• SEO is more about branding: Forget the obsession with high ranking and traffic that had led to the use of manipulative techniques. Today Google SEO is all about building your brand and with Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, every marketer has to focus on quality content.
• Organic links: While Google might not be weighing heavily on links in its ranking, they still attract quality traffic to your website. This traffic can be from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform.

5. Google Analytics for SEO


The most important asset your business owns today is information. Consider crucial Google reports such as mobile performance reports, traffic acquisition data, keyword analysis reports, new vs. returning visitors data and bounce rates vs. exit rate reports. All these provide crucial information to help you build a solid SEO strategy for your website. Your SEOguru will be at hand to help you maximize on the data from this analytics.

Google has not only redefined online search but it also makes search engine optimization even more pertinent today. Your business can easily leverage available Google tools and techniques to rank highly and attract the targeted audience. Luckily, your SEO expert will be on hand to help you optimize your page for Google SEO.