5 Growth Hacks For Every Blogger

Growth Hacks For Every Blogger: Of course, you want extra traffic to your blog. I mean, you’re not just writing for your mom, right? Whether you’re trying to sell something or just some appreciation, getting more traffic is a vital step along that route.

The big question is, how do you do it? How do you actually get more traffic and how do you make your blog self-sustaining?

The first thing you’re going to have to let go is that just creating high-quality content on its own is enough. You will not be discovered that way.

Why? Because the algorithm which can figure out whether your content is high quality has not yet been invented.

Instead, places like Google use a proxy to decide if something is high quality. And what is that proxy? Whether people share and link to it, of course. And so, the only way to get more readers is to market your content.

So how do you do that?


Find the right social media platform


Of course, you’re sharing your blog on social media. I don’t have to tell you, that’s the obvious place to start. The thing is, just throwing it up on Facebook isn’t enough anymore. You’ve got to make sure that you actually find the right social media platform for the type of content that you’ve got.

For that reason, you’ve got to find out which social media platform most closely fits the audience profile you’ve set up. You can start by checking the demographics of the different social media websites.

That’s not all you want to do, however. You also want to experiment with the different platforms, as simply looking at the demographics on their own really isn’t enough. The audiences on different social media platforms have different sharing habits and different interests.

And this is something you can’t find out from looking at the demographics alone. And so, you’ve got to cycle through the different platforms to see what works for you.

As an extra bonus, the more different platforms you try out, the less spammy you’ll come across on the individual platforms.


Make it easy to share and join


Most people are not going to put in a lot of effort to follow you. In fact, chances are that their decision about whether to follow you or share your content not is more likely to be impulsive than calculated. They see a button and they press it.

I mean, most people simply aren’t going to go through the effort of cutting and pasting your URL into another window. Heck, quite a few people probably don’t even know how to share your content unless there’s an easy button for them to press.

So put them up. If you find that your content is particularly effective on one social media platform. Then take steps to make it easy to share your content on that platform.

These simple steps will make it far more likely that people will share your content and return to view it again.

And if you can get them to come back regularly, you’re well on your way to creating a fan.  


Be responsive


When you do get a response from somebody, be certain to get back to them and show them that you appreciate their interest. If you consistently do this, then you’re far more likely to start a conversation and a relationship. While if you don’t do this that person will probably drift away again.

If they’re also content producers, return the favor. Read what they’ve put out there, share what you think is interesting and comment on the content you particularly like.

This will show the person who has demonstrated an interest in your content that this is a two-way street. Which will make it far more likely that they’ll remember you, advocate what you’ve got to say and actively contribute to making your site work.

And those kinds of readers are worth their weight in gold when you’re trying to grow your audience and your blog.


Comment on relevant blogs


Even better than waiting for other people to comment on your stuff, comment on other people’s blogs and content and reverse the cycle. Don’t just say ‘great article’ either (though if that’s all you’ve got to say, that’s fine). Instead, give them your opinions, your suggestions, and your ideas.

Don’t just comment once on a blog, either. Do it a couple of times so that they start to recognize your name. Occasionally (but certainly not all the time) throw in a link to a relevant article on your own site.  

If they appreciate what you’ve been saying, chances are good that they’ll follow that link and return the favor of commenting and sharing. If both of you keep this up for a while, then they’ll get access to your audience and you’ll get access to theirs.

And hey presto! You’ve just boosted your audience significantly.


Re-share your content


Do you want to double your visitors? It’s pretty easy to do. Just re-share your content. Kissmetrics has written an article in which they show that simply sharing your content three times will double the number of people that will see it.

That sounds like a pretty easy strategy to get a bigger audience, don’t you think? So embrace the strategy!

“But I don’t want to annoy my followers” – Some of you now matter. I hear you. The thing is if you don’t re-share your content on social media, a lot of your followers will end up missing out.

You see, most social media platforms only show a fraction of your audience your content. For that reason, if you actually want your followers to get to see what you’re creating (and they are your followers, so they’ve already made it clear they want to see it) you’ve got to share your content multiple times.

The best way to avoid annoying them by over-exposing them to one bit of content is to simply wait a few days before you share it again. And then share it at a different time. In this way, you’re far more likely to get it in front of a different audience.


Go the distance


And finally, realize that building up a blog takes time. It isn’t something that will happen overnight, in a week or even in a month. It can take half a year to a year to actually get somewhere. What’s more, it is rarely a gradual thing, either.

Chances are good that you’ll try multiple strategies that won’t work and won’t build you much of an audience. Then, suddenly, you’ll find something – be it a way to share or an article or topic that impresses your audience – that does work and you’ll go from having only a few dozen visitors in a day, to having hundreds.

So don’t give up and don’t let your voice fall quiet.

Instead, keep plugging away, keep learning and keep trying new things. In this way, you’ll slowly edge towards that tipping point, when you’ll go from being a complete unknown to your blog audience growing almost by itself day by day.

About Author:

Elaina Meiser is a passionate guest contributor and web designer for the Flash Essay, who writes about blogging, freelance writing, web design and self-development.