6 Experience-Driven Email Design Tips To Make Your Prospects Go Awe-Struck

Are your email campaigns designed for the optimal experience? If not, you’re missing out on both short-term and long-term conversions.

Smart marketers will never undervalue email marketing as they are aware of its high-performance abilities. What else is the best way to nurture your leads? Email marketing gives you the ability to personalize your messages based on the subscribers’ needs to set up the expectation and move them further down into the funnel. The message is the ultimate weapon that will get your solutions through tailored for your prospects. However, it needs a whole army that supports the placement of messages and to know how to connect the right chord with your audience.

This army is in the form of email design that provides a wholesome experience to your subscribers. In simple terms, experience-driven email design is referred to as the process of designing your email templates with your subscribers at the center. It is forecasting how they would interact with your email templates to make it enjoyable for them and help you convert more in the process.

Given the high levels of competition that you already face in the inboxes, it becomes inevitable for you to stand out with an exceptional user experience that has an engagement at its core and becomes instrumental for a strong brand presence and high conversions.

Are your email campaigns providing an optimal experience to your subscribers? If not, you’re definitely missing out on both relationships and revenue. Let’s see how you could get the email design to your marketing advantage.

Hold Your Extremes With Designing

If you’re designing your page so that it looks super cool, but says nothing about your product or brand, you might as well not have bothered. Designers can often be tempted to go to certain extremes on landing pages. But remember, you’re not trying to impress visitors with your design skills — you’re trying to convert them.

Stef showed several examples of landing pages that go to design extremes, including ones with animation, distracting graphics, and the one below from a company called Threadless.

Designers could be tempted to take the extra mile and make a super cool email design. However, the design is not the only element that your users are looking for. Undoubtedly, it works to create an ambiance and ease readability, usability, and accessibility. But your email has to provide something more. We were talking about the weapon and the army right? Well, your message is the single weapon to shoot loads and loads relevant messages to your subscribers. So, you will have to add 3 more elements in your email and those are value, usefulness, and findability.

Artifact uprising has really nailed it with this simplistic design that has all the elements to engage viewers. It has a strong headline with a crisp message and a relevant call-to-action. All merged into a sublime use of colors.


Color Blocks And Tinted Colors

Color blocks provide a striking and effective engagement for your emails. It is like a brick-and-mortar trends of web design. The use of colored boxes that resemble blocks is becoming more prominent everywhere. It works best for eCommerce and fashion industry as it provides an appealing and unique layout for products that have to grab eye-balls via emails. Here is an example from the Stylish City email newsletter that manages to pull central focus by being front and center and on top of the image.


Email Design

Recognizable links and calls-to-action

Have you ever come across the situation when you wanted to perform a task on an email newsletter but weren’t able to figure out how to do it? Maybe you wanted to purchase a product, sign, up, or download something, but the option just wasn’t there. Well, the option might be right there but the marketer and designers were perhaps not successful in effectively presenting it. Eventually, you leave the email alone. This is a usability and conversion disaster. Let the users know what they are supposed to do. Differentiate the buttons and the links from the rest of the page.

The CTA button and the links on your web pages should be instantly recognizable and provoke subscribers to take action. Let them know what to expect once they click it.

Wotif has given us a fine example of incorporating both links and CTAs within emails. Though they have the same message, readers are able to differentiate the hyperlink text with the rest of the body text and the CTA is successful in grabbing attention.


Email Design

Use Color For Attention

An attractive color that catches the audience’s eye on important sections of the email newsletter helps the marketer get more engagement. Fluor or neon colors are again everywhere in fashion, illustration, arts, product, and interior design. Most importantly it helps you highlight an offer or a call-to-action on an email newsletter. However, they should be used smartly as they shouldn’t create a conflict with the rest of your design. The example of IS Design + Digital below gets the reader’s attention quickly as they can’t help but read the headline. Strong images, strong contrast, and standout calls-to-action are the effective elements of this design.

Email Design 

Create A Theme

A strong theme based on a currently trending subject could help your email design stand out from the rest. Also being a globally popular subject, your audience might get interested in knowing more. This design by Open Season has developed an outer space theme that is integrated with the brand and the topic of the newsletter.

Email Design

Smart Use Of Typography

A great deal of information could be displayed within a limited space of an email when you use fonts in different sizes, colors, and orientations. It is important that fonts should be balanced with readability. The fonts should display your brand essence and build a bond with your customer in a way that they recognize every mail and relate with them as a result of the colors and typography used by you. It is vital to consider your target audience and cultural influences while deciding an approach for your typography, alongside remaining authentic to the overall brand message and image.


Email Design

Outside Go has created a brand impact with its typography right at the start of the email. Later is highlighted various points of its message with bold typography with dotted arrows that supplement the theme.


Email is an inevitable part of your entire customer’s journey. As marketers, we know that it is the single-most highly-converting weapon in the online marketing sphere. It’s the first thing your prospects encounter after becoming your leads. The secret of email marketing success lies in matching your email designs to the complete experience that should be at the essence of every campaign that you generate. The outcome should be as enjoyable and satisfactory as possible. In addition to a compelling and personalized messages, experience-based email marketing should be at the forefront of a successful email marketing program.

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