8 New Skills You Need for Email Marketing Success

We hate spam; we can usually tell by the sender or the email headline whether it is just one more message because we got on somebody’s list for selling a product or service. So why do email marketers still use it? Because it has the highest ROI of any online market strategy, that’s why. Of course, it has that high ROI only if it is done right.

The skillset of email, marketers are expanding because this brand of marketing is very different than it was even a few years ago. When email marketers are committed to upgrading their skills, and when they approach their marketing from the vantage point of the recipient rather than the company, they will be successful.

Here are a few newer skills that email marketers should develop for email marketing success, along with some new twists on traditional tactics.




There are several different audiences on email lists. Some customers have been around for a while, have been pretty loyal, and are fairly regular purchasers; other customers have made one-time purchases and provided their email addresses in the ordering and purchasing process; still other audiences have never made a purchase, but have provided email addresses in order to download some gated content you have produced on your site or blog.

Each of these groups is in a different “place” in their relationship with your company, and each deserves email content specifically designed for them. A single email, as a part of a marketing strategy, is not helpful.

You may want to reward loyal customers with larger discounts or special offers; you may want to entice one-time purchasers by introducing related products that you think they may be interested in, and you may want to engage never-purchasers with some other type of content.

In fact, you may have more than just three target audiences. Segmenting them into groups and crafting customized email content for each will serve you better in the long-run.


2. Automation


Skilled email marketers understand the value and the tools that are required to automate email dissemination.

They craft emails and then developed an automated process for both segmentation and delivery on regularly scheduled basis.

Automated systems can either be built for specific needs or can be achieved by many existing platforms designed to develop customized automation for any industry niche and need.


3. Design for Mobile with New Technologies


Well over 50% of emails are now opened on mobile devices, and that percentage will continue to rise. There are also wearables. Smart email marketers can accommodate these audiences by using some of the great new technology of text-to-voice. No more struggle to read small text.

Open rates of emails will be significantly higher if people can hear them.


4. Use Analytics


The data is easy to gather and study. Open rates, click-through rates, and conversions can all be measures. Smart email marketers will use this data to determine which types of emails are most popular with each of their audiences.

And A/B testing of different types of subject lines can drive future decisions about which generate the most open rates.


5. Timing


There are some general “rules” about the timing of email dissemination which still hold true. Early morning, evenings, and weekends seem to be times that research says people check their emails. But this may vary, dependent upon audiences.

Again, testing different times will provide good information about when those audiences are most likely to open your emails. Then, you can automate more specifically when they are delivered.


6. The Balance


This is still a critical area of success in email marketing campaigns. Recipients tire of a barrage of emails offering the next discount or sale. Sometimes, they would just like to be entertained, educated, or inspired. Sometimes they might want to meet a company team member.

One of the mistakes that email marketers make is not seeing this method of communication in the same “vein” as social media marketing. Establishing connections and relationships with audiences is just as important and can be even more effective when done by email.

Email should offer lots of variety in content.


7. Using Visuals and Media


A variety of content means less text and more visuals and newer types of media. Videos or at least links to videos are highly popular, and they should be announced I the subject line. Consider the difference in these two subject lines, for example:

  1. Steps for decorating the perfect Christmas tree this year
  2. A “how to” video on decorating the perfect Christmas tree this year

Which one would you be more inclined to open?


8. Those Subject Lines


No skill is perhaps more important in getting emails opened than creating the most engaging and compelling headlines possible. This is journalism at its finest.

Of course, some headlines don’t have to as creative as others. If for example, you are offering free shipping on every order for the next two weeks, then that subject line will be sufficient for the content in the email.

If, however, you are introducing a new product, providing content that is educational or just having some fun with your audience, those subject lines will be critically important for you to get the open rate numbers you want.

Many email marketers say they spend as much time composing their titles as they do the content of their emails.


Becoming That Sought-After Email Marketer

Whether you are a newbie to this career field or a veteran with some year under your belt, you will want to have a creatively designed and composed resume to demonstrate your skills.


Author΄s bio: Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City and content editor at Resumes.Expert who has been writing professionally for five years now. Her motto is “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”. Find Janet here: twitter