Ecommerce Email Marketing Benchmark For 2017

How do you plan to market your ecommerce business through emails in the year 2017. Well, those who have lost faith in emails must understand that it works and works really well, especially in ecommerce sphere.

To know more you must read out the benchmarks for the coming year -2017. Knowing the “how” and “why” will help you improve your emails and not make the same mistakes as in 2016. It’s important to stay ahead of your competitors.


#1. The Subject Lines

This perhaps forms the backbone and the soul of an email. A study found out that subject lines that are downright straightforward are the ones that receive higher click through rate (CTR) whereas the ones that are classified as creative fall back really bad. They not only look salesy but extremely pushy too. They are expected to grab the attention, instead end up drawing a slimy picture of the brand and land in the spam folder if left unsubscribed by the account holder. So an easy way out is to describe whats inside the mail, that’s it. Nothing less, nothing more.


#2. Learn Working Of Spam Filters

Though their working is not undertsood completely, but a few things are well known. Spam filters consider a lot of factors before pushing an email aside for being spammy. Every factor counts and adds up in the spam score. If the score crosses a certain point, it will be considered spam and head  to the junk folder. This decides whether an email campaign initiated would pass or fail. Here is what is considered spamming.

  • Use of spammy phrases and words.
  • Interactive content
  • Javascript, forms or RSS feeds in the email code
  • Suspicious formatting.
  • Too many images or url shorteners.
  • Missing iInformation like physical address or how to opt out of the emails


#3. Tracking Bounce Records Hold The Key

The bounce records will reveal the nature of the bounce – hard or soft and hence whether it worked for you or not. Talking more elaborately, a hard bounce implies that the email address doesn’t exist or there has been a serious typing mistake while typing the email address. It also implies spam filter.

Soft bounce means that the recipient of the email hasn’t opened it, he is not available at the moment.  They can be tried out again. In a nutshell, if you do not know about the success or failure of the campaign you carried out, you will lose a good chance of writing a good success story. Tracking emails hence is extremely important.


#4. Personalization 

Though marketers believe its important but not many are implementing it. The key here is to do it right, if decided to. It is extremely simple to personalize the content. Asking the right questions can lead you and the customers in the right direction. They find the right answers and you don’t lose them. Suppose yours is an eatery, but you are inviting everyone with the same pitch “Are you looking for good food near you”. This line wouldn’t attract them since there are so many around. Rather, ask them “Are you looking for vegan food” or “Are you looking for Italian food”. This will invite more people and you won’t lose them on an absurd kind of question.

A few more points to remember…

  • Setting up automated behavioral trigger emails is one way of reaching out. These emails have a 152% higher click through rate.
  • With technological advancement, it will become even better for the marketers to get an access to the big data of their customers and use it for their ecommerce business.

Remember, email is not going to die. It will breathe a new lease of life into the ecommerce marketing in 2017. Just unleash its power before you lose your customers.



Isha Singh, an avid app developer is trying to take advantage of the technical knowledge she has to help people gain a foothold in the digitized world. Read her sharing her views on web and app development, the latest being Magento theme development.