Email Design Trends to Follow in 2017 [Infographic]

Email Design Trends 2017.

The number of email users worldwide is predicted to be nearly 2.9 billion according to the Email Statistics Report by the end of 2019. This is one of the prominent reasons why emails still prevails as the most dominant and dynamic medium and, why most marketers look to boost leads via them.

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Though emails are still a popular medium, we’ll take a deeper look at the popular trends, and how they have changed and improved emails for good over the years.

But first let’s go back to the previous year (2016) and explore the trends that have made a mark to be welcomed in 2017.




  • Light GIFs

GIFs are popular in emails and they generate a higher open and click-through rate, too. Integrating light GIFs in your email can benefit towards a higher open time and increase interactivity. They aren’t heavy to load like videos and unlike simple static images, are attractive and catchy.

  • Flat Designs

Flat designs in emails are inspired to maintain a continuity in the recent UI that has been observed in both Android and iOS platforms. They are simple yet suave and cater to a great eye scan pattern.

  • Minimalistic Emails

Minimal in nature yet these emails convey with ease that less is more.  The subscriber concentration span is just a mere 8 seconds as per a study. It’s thus essential to make an impact as soon as possible in your interaction. Minimalistic email designs do just this.

  • Unconventional Designs

Unconventional designs are the ‘out of the box’ designs. They stand out and make an impression. They tend to delight the customers because they come as a surprise and that too, a pleasant one.

  • Master Template

Every brand has certain emails that look visually similar. In such scenarios, a master template shall be helpful, as it reduces overall design and coding efforts. This gives the brand a personality when they send out emails. With time, recipients become used to your email style and this also is great for building your brand image. Especially with automation on the charts now. Having a definite email template design base is always appreciated.


2016 also saw some major changes taking place in the email world that transformed the outlook of emails for the better. Some prominent ones include Google supporting Media Query and Unsubscribe tab has been pushed to the top of the Apple emails in iOS10 update.




Emails are changing at a rapid pace (for the better of course) and there are some amazing new trends that will kick-start this year with early presents for all its recipients. Here’s a list of surprises you might encounter pretty soon.

  • Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animations are smooth and their frame change is less obvious. They are supported in Gmail, Android and Apple devices.

  • Cinemagraph 

These are seamless looped videos that create a cinematic effect in the email. They are extremely interactive and awe striking.

  • Live Backgrounds

This is an extremely attractive element in emails but they must be checked for broken video or layout as it can affect the customer experience.

  • Search in Email

This involves integrating a search tab within the email itself from where the recipient can search and land directly on the searched item/page in the website.

  • Interactive Elements

Interactive elements like Accordions, Menus, Countdown Timers, Integrated Forms, Sticky CTA, etc. will be seen more often.

For a more detailed understanding of what can be looked forward to in email designs, go through the following Infographic.

Email Design Trends 2017

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