4 Email Marketing Strategies to Consider for Securing Better Conversions

According to a study published by Custora in 2013, email marketing strategies are responsible for generating almost 7% of the eCommerce sales. This makes email marketing one of the most effective practices for generating revenues for online stores.

email-marketing-7 percent

But even though email technology has been around for almost 44 years, the real potential of this channel has rarely been utilized at its full spectrum. Unlike other marketing techniques, Email marketing can easily segment customers into the finest classifications, and target almost every demographic without compromising company’s marketing capital.

In this article we will discuss 4 email marketing strategies that can help boost conversions and diversify the marketing scope of eCommerce websites. We will also explain why email marketing strategies should be preferred over other marketing techniques.


Using Series Strategically.

Series campaign strategy is the most basic and an essential marketing strategy when it comes to emails. The sole purpose is to keep the users connected in response to their actions on the website for instance,

Sign up or Purchase

Send a welcoming mail, congratulating and appreciating the user at least a couple of times.

Abandoned Cart

Send the customer emails regarding their decision to abandon carts. Abandon cart is not necessarily intentional so you can ask for their feedback and help them get back to the checkout by adding a link in the followup email.

Follow Up

These emails are sent to keep the customers entertained after buying from the website. This allows you to keep your customer connected so they visit your store again.


2.Build a Strong Email.

One of the major flaws behind the email marketing failure is the absence of email structure. This includes everything from font, white spacing, template, visual content, format and mobile responsiveness, etc. If you do not organize all these elements appropriately you cannot secure the customer’s attention. According to research, an average user takes 3-4 seconds to decide if the email is worthy of their time or not. Your job is to make these 4 seconds count and make the user tick.


3. Write Quality Content.

Producing a copy for the email can be tricky. Companies often hire professional writers for the task, but if you understand what the reader wants from the email you can easily produce a killer copy by yourself.

Make it Personal

Write as though you are conversing with the reader on a personal level. This will give out the feeling that the admin is communicating directly with the person instead of a group of people.

Make them Feel Valued

Show how much you appreciate them when they visit your website. Not just for buying products, but to remain informed about new deals, blogs and promotional content.

Keep it Short and Concise

Write content in a small dose. This not only allows your message to stand out but also gives better attention to your CTAs. Remember, nobody wants to open an email and find a novel.


4. Segment Your Audience.

Segmenting your audience according to their demographics, backgrounds, regions and other preferences is imperative. You cannot expect a female customer to be interested in buying men’s deodorants, or asking a user to buy your summer wear in a region where the climate is mostly cold. In order to target customers with their preferred content, you need to acknowledge their gender, buying capacity, weather conditions and other important factors that can only be determined through segmentation.

Segmentation is mostly done on the criterion of

  • Age of the user
  • Geo-Location
  • Purchase history
  • Purchase Interests
  • Buying Capacity in terms of Money
  • Stage in the buying cycle
  • Susceptibility to Trends

Benefits of Email Marketing

Here is why Email marketing should be preferred over other marketing practices.

Cost Effective

For one, email marketing is absolutely cheap. It does not require overly expensive resources or an entire team to run its campaigns and operations. It’s simple and lightweight so any website admin can manage it all by themselves. You don’t have to pay for advertisements or physical mediums to get exposure. According to research, email marketing generates over 43,000% ROI.

Result oriented

One of the best things about email marketing is that it gets the job done with visible performance. Unlike other marketing channels where the progress can be stealth or evasive at the beginning, email marketing shows magnitude of the progress even without running tests or analytics.


It’s an excellent source of acquiring customer feedback. You can easily gather knowledge about your customer without running dedicated campaigns or surveys. Keeping tabs on your customers not only allows you to track trends and behavioral changes, but also prevents your store from spiraling into any costly risks.

Batch Operation

It supports batch operations. This means you can target your segmented customers with dedicated campaigns without the annoyance of sending marketing emails individually. You can select your target customers all at once and keep them posted with your content.


It’s an excellent means to keep the merchant and the customer connected to a lifelong relationship. Keeping it on an appropriate dosage can easily convert a customer into a brand evangelist. Studies have shown that email marketing is 40% more effective that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for acquiring new customers.

email-marketing-40 percent

Final Thoughts

All and all, email marketing is best judged on the effort you invest. Most email marketing strategies are based on getting the numbers, where the quality is often neglected. But in order to reap what you sow, email marketing must be done right.

Using it incorrectly can not only damage your store revenues, but also reflect badly on your company reputation. In order to get the best out of your marketing efforts and secure a healthy conversion rate for your store, we urge you to add these 4 killer email marketing strategies in your store. Email marketing decades of history with eCommerce and it is to stay.


As Paras Arora says, “No matter how old it gets, email marketing will still be relevant”.


Author Bio:

Asad Ali is a professional Internet Marketer, currently working at Go-Gulf Dubai– a premium web development company in Dubai. He has over 7 years of experience in conversion optimization, design optimization and digital marketing.