7 Ways To Ensure Your Email Marketing Campaign Is Working

In a time when new marketing methods are emerging every day, it is quite surprising to realise that the good-old email has a higher rate of conversions and return on investments (ROI) than any new methods. Even though it is the oldest marketing method and there are people who claimed it as an outdated method for the modern times, email marketing has proved beneficial over and over again in delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

While email is one of the effective ways of marketing, still many business owners fail to realize as for how to use it to grow their business. No need to panic, allow me to discuss 7 ways to discuss as how you can get results from your email marketing campaigns.


Advanced Personalization Can Lead To Effective Emails

Email Personalization

Personalization will surely help you in making significant improvements in your email performance rate. Having said that, you need to go one step ahead and experiment something new using latest and modern tools. There are various methods and technologies helping you push the personalization ahead. For instance, there are algorithms that can be used to make out the future behavior of your customers.

If you have the psychographic and demographic data of the consumers it will surely come handy in making out their persona and further making considerable improvements in the email marketing.

Make It Mobile Friendly

Around 60% of the email users prefer checking emails on their smartphones instead of the desktops. And 50% of the mobile users prefer deleting the emails which are not mobile friendly. These statistics clearly show why you should start optimising your emails for the smartphones in 2017. Make sure you have not overlooked a single element such as content while optimising for smartphones.


Segmentation Does Play A Vital Role

Profile-based segmentation would have surely served the purpose a few years back. But in 2017 more aggressive and advanced segmentation is required to have more targeted email delivery and enhanced campaign performance. For instance, you should be aware of exactly what types of emails the customers prefer to open, the time they open those emails, and which type of email gets increased number of response.

All this information will help in making out the preferences and interest of the customers, therefore helping in making significant improvements in both quality and effectiveness of the email marketing campaigns.


Data-Directed Marketing Will Take Emails To New Heights

Nowadays, data is making email marketing more and more targeted and effective than before. This is because the data is used to personalise and automate the efforts, therefore improving email performance, delivery, and targeting. Owing to this, data will be of great significance for you as the marketers in 2017. In order to make the most of the data, you will need to do the following:

  • Smartly use the data derived from various email preference centres and constantly update the profiles of the customers in order to keep the data current.
  • Focus on both the data and behaviours that helps in delivering the best customer perceptions.
  • Optimise the automated emails on regular intervals in order to maintain and surge the engagement.


Clear And Concise Content

Today, most of the customers receive unnecessary emails, messages, and notifications. There is no doubt that their attention spans have become shorter than ever. Owing to this, it is imperative that the emails should have attractive subject lines, concise content, and an effective call-to-action so that the email gets opened.

The content of the email should not be more than 120 words. This length has more odds of generating positive response from the customers. So, all in all for the email marketing content and subject lines, make sure the content is crisp and short.


Amalgamation Of Email And Social Media Platforms

If you really want to increase click-through rates dramatically, make sure you have added social media sharing buttons in your email. This is just one method of integrating email and social media. Make sure emails are also sent for the promotion of marketing campaigns being run on varied social media platforms in order to increase the reach, awareness, and rate of social sharing.

This will be a smart way to feature live social media feeds in the emails and to update the customers about the latest happenings with a company and also to increase the engagement in various other marketing platforms.


Interactivity Will Increase Engagement Probabilities

Some of the leading brands have started using different interactive elements in their emails. As per different industry experts, interactivity is fast-becoming the future of email marketing. Besides making emails more and more engaging, this interactivity will also ensure the content of the email is user-friendly and gets quickly consumed as well.

Experts are of the view that with the inclusion of various interactive elements in the emails, it will significantly help in making noticeable improvements in the overall user experience along with click-through conversion rates for different email marketing campaigns.


Author Bio

Adam Smith is a content writing professional at Followthesteps, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Adam worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. He graduated with honors from California University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.