• How do you determine which carts have actually been abandoned?

    1. Customer adds at least one item to the cart and...

    2. ...starts the checkout process, making it at least as far as entering an email address. (Alternately, our JavaScript API tracks down an email address.)

    3. With the order unfinished after a certain time has passed, our automated system locates the cart while searching for incomplete orders.

  • How does free trial work?

    Your free trial begins at sign-up (no credit card info required.)

    We highly recommend you set up your account and immediately choose campaigns to test. You can try out as many campaigns as you need.

  • I am not a marketing expert. How do I know what to write and when to send it?

    You don’t need to be a marketing expert because TriggMine has already set up email campaigns and email templates for you

    All campaigns are built according to our best practices and based on results from thousands of online brands. If you'd like to learn more about effective email marketing strategies, check our blog and knowledge base. There are you will find a lot of tips, how-to's and news on emerging marketing trends.

  • What does "integrating with the ESP system" mean?

    TriggMine gives you an opportunity to connect your email service provider to send from. No doubts that you already use email marketing for sending newsletters and promotions. So there is no need to switch it. We have an API key integration with the most popular ESP around the globe and we respect your brand loyalty. Our role is just to execute perfect general email campaigns based on tactics that have already proven successful, using well-researched analytics and email templates.

  • Where and how does your system keep buyers' email addresses?

    With the TriggMine plugin installed, the system automatically memorizes email of every buyer, including their name and specific products in their cart.

    The system remembers emails from:

    • registered clients (through authorization or registration forms on your site)
    • the order form (if the client entered partial info but didn't finish registering)
    • any field on your site (subscription forms, pop-up windows offering incentives and any other additional form to enter e-mail addresses)

    In fact, our service will automatically retain e-mails as soon as your customers enter it anywhere on your website. Assuming the customer uses the same device and doesn’t clear their cache, the system will recognize them every time they visit.

  • How much do you charge after the free trial?

    The cost of our service starts at $​50/month and offers an average 1,000% return on investment. For example: pay $300 – earn $3,000 with TriggMine, which is a tenfold increase.

    Your pricing plan will depend on the revenue you get from using TriggMine. If you don’t get the results - you pay nothing.

  • Are customers going to think the emails are too aggressive?

    True, customers don’t like annoying sellers, especially if all they want is just another sale.

    But reminding customers they haven't finished their order is itself just a friendly message and will seem personalized to each user rather than, say, a spam message sent to thousands with nothing specific in its sales pitch.

    Since you already know what your customer wants (the items in their cart), the only thing needed to close the deal is a discount, which these email can offer.

    In this way, you aren't aggressively persuading them but instead earning a higher level of loyalty by caring about their specific needs and paying attention to how they're behaving on your site.

  • Where can I find how-to guides on setting up trigger e-mails?

    We post all of our training materials and how-to guides on our blog. blog. On the blog, you'll find useful information, including how to draft more effective emails, as well as news to keep you up-to-date on the field of eCommerce.

  • How does it all work, really?

    TriggMine analyzes each shopping cart’s status. When a customer closes the site without placing an order, the service automatically sends an e-mail reminder nudging them to complete the purchase.

    There are also options for adding a gift or discount to motivate the visitor to return, as well as offers of assistance if it's needed to straighten out something in the order and ultimately complete it.

    These types of e-mails average a 20-30% return of clients to your site, meaning your store will get additional sales and build a base of loyal customers.

    Basic versions of the TriggMine service all include options for sending e-mails after the purchase as well as “thank you” followup messages, "please leave a review" asks, discount offers and shipping updates, among other options.

    It all adds up to a more effective working environment and loyal customers who in turn generate greater sales.

  • Which is better: trigger e-mails or phone calls?

    Retaining your customer’s phone number is essential for successive steps... but, in the beginning, their e-mail is the more useful piece of information.

    For one thing, email is 75-80% cheaper than phone calls, which means you can cut your budget and spend the money you saved in other areas like advertising and PR.

    Moreover, customers are tired of receiving phone calls. It's also not always the right time to talk, especially when the customer isn't expecting a call from the store and having to stop wha they're doing to discuss the sales pitch. They might even hang up and feel anger toward the brand for this unforeseen contact. It’s more convenient for a customer to see an email, which they'll expect, of course, when opening their inbox, and end up following a link from the e-mail to your site.

    Lastly, you can add photos and descriptions of the items in the e-mail, which can be skimmed through or barely glanced at yet still trigger something in the customer due to the visuals or short headlines about each product. With email, customers can make a decision faster with feeling intruded upon. You'll get better results with emails.

Over $10,000,000 and counting…

Our clients have used TriggMine to add over $10,000,000 in hidden revenue for their stores, through highly relevant, customized email campaigns. Now it’s your turn.