Harness the Power of Email Marketing for Your Startup

Even the smartest startups don’t make millions overnight. To achieve that goal, they require excellent marketing. Most of the today’s businesses have gotten accustomed to using social channels, offline and online marketing to boost leads and attain success. But nothing compares with the power of smart email marketing as far as reaching out to people is concerned. The cost is 33% cheaper than other advertising mediums, and the generation of leads can be quite grand as email have the potential to generate incredible sales (with up to 50% more).

The problem is there are 122+ billion emails hitting people’s inboxes every day on a global scale. How do you outperform the competition and make yours stand out? Don’t confuse email with cold emailing; they’re not the same thing. Cold emailing means sending out emails to people who haven’t given their approval. Smart email marketing is about nurturing leads and sending out messages to people who have already subscribed to receive your news from your website.

Craft a smart email list

Building an email list has nothing to do with “buying” a list (which is a terrible idea). Focus on crafting the perfect landing page, and promote your product or services in the most honest and truthful way. Don’t make it too persuasive or too salesy, and keep things to the point. Landing pages that look amazing and provide top-notch content have the best chances of converting prospects into leads.

After you’ve completed your email list, move on to settling on an email campaign. Now that you have the people interested in what you have to say or offer, the next move is to segment them; this will help you target your emails, and make sure that the right email gets into the right inbox. Segment your audience by location, age, gender, personal interest, and other criteria you might help you target them better.

Use marketing emails to connect with your targeted audience

If you want to win customers over, the first step is to send them out welcome emails to retain them. But you should only do it after they’ve subscribed to your website and business. Econsultancy tells us that nearly 65% of people who subscribe to a website, expect a welcome message within 10 minutes from signing up. Since your startup is new, it might be a good idea to hook them with some sort of discount coupon or vouchers. It will help you keep them engaged, no matter how cliché this may sound like.

To avoid getting in the spam folder, you should adhere to the best and most productive email marketing strategies and practices. For a new business, messages that end up in spam are catastrophic; especially since you can’t know from the very start that people are marking your emails as spam. An indicator might be that they don’t react.

Automate your email marketing strategy

Automating your email marketing strategy can be a productive approach to make the most of your email list. But then again, since there are lots of platforms out there that claim to provide excellent services, it’s best to stick with the most reputable ones. Settling on an email marketing platforms is just like deciding on a blogging or web hosting platform.

After you’ve made a choice, look carefully and make sure the platform features email templates that are customizable. Audience segmentation is yet another core feature you should be looking for; this will allow you to send out targeted emails to a segmented email list. Once your campaign is live, the next step is to monitor to see whether the results are positive or not. If they’re not, maybe you should experiment with another email marketing platform.

When assessing analytics, it’s best to give up subscribers that haven’t responded. It will help you focus on the ones that truly want to hear what you have to say. Even though in email marketing numbers matters, it’s equally important to focus on quality, not quantity. Last but not least, we should mention that mobile friendly websites are a must. For your email marketing campaign to enjoy mail fulfillment, your website’s design has to be easily accessible from any smart device.

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Denny Averill is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor to many sites and mainly focuses on business related topics. He also recommends https://romax.co.uk/ offering direct mail marketing services.