How Ambitious is Your Content Strategy

We are at this stage where most marketers are aware of the benefits of publishing & marketing high quality content. They are now stepping up and exploring the ways to develop an expert level content strategy.

But, the point is, where do they presently stand? And, what more they need, to level up their content marketing efforts?

So, here we will discuss the various key factors of developing a cutting-edge content strategy, as recommended by some of the well-established content marketers.


Documenting the content plan


This might seem obvious, but most marketers still avoid this crucial exercise. Not even 50% of the marketers document their marketing strategy.

When planning a serious content marketing strategy, you must realize that this not going to be a single person or single team job. You would need support from various departments of your company.

So, in order to let all these departments recognize the content marketing goals and how important it is for you to achieve them, you need to document a clear marketing plan.

Outline the campaign objectives, target audience, daily man power needed, productive apps or tools required, long term benefits and the research supporting the ideas. Clarifying all these things in advance helps all the departments to understand the bigger goals and how they can contribute in achieving them.

Those who have a well-structured/documented strategy in the beginning are found to execute it more effectively at all levels.


Using Data or Stats to support the content


It’s at the core of creating and sharing useful information, which many writers still do not acknowledge. According to a recent survey, “The 2016 State of Digital Content” data analysis is placed at the top of the list of most desired skills for content strategists with 67% votes. However, not more than 51% of respondents agree that their data team were having significant role in content strategy discussions.

Writing fancy words do not always help lead the competition. Your audience is expecting to learn something new or something of value each time they click on your post. So, it is imperative to create and publish personalized content that is designed particularly keeping your audience in mind.

Gather data from different departments of the company as well as from outside resources that support your statements.


Calculating ROI of the Content Strategy


This research by Omar Akhtar also revealed that 55% of marketers have trouble relating the business profits with their content marketing efforts. They are not able to prove how much contribution their content marketing is making in the company’s revenue.

Collecting this data is very useful in realizing the importance of investing in content marketing. It also helps in encouraging the marketing executives to continue their best efforts. You might not get full support from executives unless they see their efforts delivering results.

Tracking content ROI can be a very challenging task, especially if you are like most other web companies. But, with a little help from an expert or any outsourcing marketing agency you can easily audit the content usage reports.

You can measure the true value of your marketing efforts by identifying the campaign related KPIs (key performance indicators). And to understand which ones are essential to your campaign, you would need to get completely involved and get familiar with the marketing language to prove value with metrics.




When planning an ambitious content marketing campaign, all the above listed parts should be in sync to deliver the common objective. Initially it might take some extra time or effort to see obvious results, but ultimately, your plans would run smoothly.


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