Search engine optimization and online marketing are going through rapid changes. Google’s algorithm and guidelines have changed over the past year. The changes have greatly impacted online marketers and businesses.

Let us look at the changes on the roles and responsibilities of SEO professionals.

# Revelation of ranking signals

Ever since the introduction of Google algorithms, online marketing experts have wondered how Google ranks sites. However, last year, the company declared 3 of their most significant ranking signals. They started with the 3rd signal called RankBrain, which is an artificial intelligence system. Later, the company came up with two other signals – content and link. The ranking factors do not have any order of importance as each one is equally important. Moreover, there are several other factors responsible for the positioning of your site.

# Penalties for free products


Bloggers who used to add links to their blogs or in the comment section to offer free products to their readers will be penalized by Google if they do not NoFollow links. These links generally took readers to the website where the latter could come across free products offered by the company.

# Green color for paid ads


Google has converted the color of paid ads from yellow to green. It has not yet been understood what impact the new color has brought to the traffic to paid ads. The combination of green, blue and gray must be having some considerable influence on paid ad traffic.

# No PPC ads on the right-hand side of search results

Google has made it a rule that AdWords ads cannot come up on the right-hand side of search engine result pages. There has, however, been another change regarding the positioning of ads. An extra ad, which is the 4th ad, will now be seen in the area above the fold. Some SEOs consider this approach to be less beneficial for organic ads.

# Notifications to search console for page speed

Google has now begun to send a notification to Search Console to inform about PageSpeed. The search engine warns the site owner and the Internet marketing company offering SEO services about the harmful effect of using an outdated version of PageSpeed. The notification states that using outdated software can make your site vulnerable to malware, which can create a negative experience for your users.

# Panda to measure ranks


Google has declared its dependency on Panda as a part of their core algorithm. It is in fact, one of the prime factors behind the rank your site gets in search results. You can a hire a company offering high-end SEO services to realize how important a role Panda plays in the ranking of your site.

# Non-mobile-friendly sites receive warning

Those sites that are not mobile-friendly, receive a warning from the biggest search engine in the world. Google not only sends a message to the site owner telling him or her that the site is not mobile-friendly but also hyperlink the message to a mobile-friendly assistance page.

# Search quality rating norms changed

Google has also introduced changes in the search quality rating guidelines. Some of the important updates are as follows.

  • Importance of Supplementary Content was reduced
  • Local search was given importance
  • Mobile search and mobile device friendly sites were promoted

These were some of the changes Google made in its algorithm. Some have a positive impact and few have a negative impact on sites. Online marketers are waiting to see what more changes are about to take place that impact the position of sites.