How Promotional Products Can Help to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversions

The world of marketing is all about positioning. Every business should aim to occupy a certain space in the minds of current and potential clients. Shaping the perception these members of the public have of your business is the primary aim of marketing, and all of your efforts should serve to generate a positive perception of your company and its activities. One of the most helpful tools to assist in these efforts is the strategic use of promotional products, which over time can help you convert potential clients into current customers. To better understand how promotional products can help your sales process, consider the following features of these important tools.

  • Promotional items can boost awareness

Promotional products allow you to increase the awareness of your E-commerce company and its offerings. Moreover, the use of these products allows you to shape when, where, and most importantly how potential customers come to learn about your company. For example, by using promotional products as giveaways at a charity event or seminar, you’re able to tie your brand to a particular cause or topic that is important to your potential customers. You are able to leverage the perceptions they’ve already developed of an industry or philanthropy to help your business occupy a positive position in their minds. 

  • You can provide potential customers with something useful

Many promotional products include useful office or home items that people might reach for on a daily or weekly basis. Having your name – and therefore your company – attached to something that they find useful, reliable, or just good to have around is an effective way to promote your business. Once again, you’re building on a customer’s positive experience with your promotional item and allowing them to project the same perception onto your business. The pen or letter opener they use every day becomes indispensable, and so does your company. Many people will do business with your company long after you think they’ve forgotten about you.

  • An item can serve as a tangible reminder

Although some promotional items are less useful in daily life, they can still serve as a tangible reminder of you and your company. A promotional product can remind potential clients not just of you, but of the interaction they had with your business; perhaps the time when they heard about your business and what you do. The item may provide insight about your company’s offering, its results, or the place it holds in the community. In fact, it may be a powerful perception-builder for your business by using one of the strongest forces in marketing.

  • Your marketing can make the most of a memory

Nostalgia is an extremely powerful force in marketing. Among the most effective ways that you position your company well in the minds of potential clients is to provide a small token that serves as a reminder of an important or pleasant event or memory. In doing so, you can use a potential client’s powerful memory to translate their pleasant feelings about an event to your company. You can even leverage their feelings about a fun event to make them smile when remembering you and your company.

The items listed above are just a few of the ways that you can make promotional products such as promotional banners, exhibition signs, flags, pens, and more work for your business. Taken together or separately, the feelings that they inspire in consumers can be employed to generate a positive perception of you and your company. If used correctly, people will remember you fondly. When you encounter these potential customers again, or they call your business looking for a specific service or product, you can convert those calls to sales. It won’t be your second interaction with them because they will have remembered you all along. You will have occupied a valuable space in their mind, and they will have interacted with your business on a regular basis – even if only through your promotional materials. This means that when you’re back in touch with them, you can convert contacts to sales more quickly and efficiently. You can leverage the positive space that you’ve begun to occupy in their mind and build on that perception as you move forward in a business relationship with your new customer.

Author’s Bio

Stanley Tan is a marketing manager at Selby’s, an Australian printing company that specializes in banners, flags, exhibition stands, and signs. Their clients include McDonald, Lexus, City of Sydney and more. His passion is to help businesses and organizations understand how offline marketing displays can boost their brand awareness and sales.