How to Drive More Sales Through Mobile Marketing

Almost everyone is one own a smartphone these days. At present, mobile phones are what’s driving business. It has transformed the way we do business. Mobile phones and other devices are our key tool for communication with consumers and entrepreneurs all over the world. Almost half of the population of the world has a mobile device now; that’s nine new users per second! This makes mobile marketing is now necessary for any type of business. But what is marketing using mobile devices?

Mobile marketing is when your marketing campaigns target users of mobile devices. The inability to keep up with mobile marketing would put you at risk of losing against your competitors. It is now a key strategy in growing your business. In this article, let us look at some of the ways where we can take full advantage of mobile marketing to generate more leads and sales.


Creating Your Mobile-Friendly Site.


Before jumping into your mobile marketing strategy, you should first make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Other than that, you have to ensure that the content and the menus display splendidly for your users. That means your theme has to be mobile-friendly.

If you are using WordPress, then that is easy to make it possible. However, if you don’t have money to spare, there are themes that are for free that are available as well. But if you do want to invest, there are also themes that are will fit almost any mobile platform.

If installing a theme is not your choice, there are other options. One of these options includes using mobile plugin. This can allow your site to be compatible with mobile devices. The following are steps on how you may use a mobile plugin to make your website mobile-friendly.

  • First, select the mobile plugin of your choice. Search in Google for the mobile plugins that are available.
  • Download and then install the mobile plugin. You can do this by logging into your WordPress website, in the link for plugins, click “Add New.” There, you can look for the mobile plugin. Click, “Upload.”
  • Upload and then activate the mobile plugin. Go to Dashboard, and then Core Settings.
  • Add the website title.
  • Below the page, click “Save Changes.”
  • Your website is now mobile-friendly!


Creating Mobile-Friendly Content.


Most of the time, people use their mobile devices while they are on the go. You have to create content which they will read while they are on the move. With writing content, you use your PC. You may think that your tabs, and links, and pages are essential and relevant. However, in this age of mobile devices, they really aren’t.

When creating your content, always remember that mobile devices will be displaying them on a tiny screen. When you think about it, mobile users won’t really bother about your “About Page.” It’s the content they’re concerned about. Make sure to create good headlines to make sure to captivate them at first glance.

When you write your headlines, remember that you will be writing for your readers that are mobile users. So what this means is that unlike PCs, you won’t be having the luxury of a big screen for you to display headlines that are too long. What you should aim to do is to create a short but persuasive headline.


Taking Your Brand to Users of Mobile Devices.


If brands can’t ignore going mobile, neither should business owners. Don’t get left behind. A great tactic to get your brand to reach more people is through mobile ads. These are ads that you can launch through social media platforms. Don’t you know that advertisements on mobile apps perform twice as much as those on mobile sites?

To start using mobile advertisements, the primary thing you need to do is to know who your audience is, especially if you own a growing business. You have to let as many people know about your brand. Not only that, but you have to allow the mobile users to discover you also. How you can do this is to use SEO through mobile and deliver convenience. With this, users can look at your services and products easily, and whatever they may need will also be easily within reach.


Using Google My Business.



What mobile users usually search for is local information. What you can do here is to make sure your business pops up on the local map. With this, you can use Google’s Google My Business. To start using this tool, all you need is your Google account. It makes it very convenient for both desktop and mobile users to get to see you. You will notice search engine traffic improvement once you are listed on Google My Business.


Using Text Message Marketing.


As mobile users, we check our phones numerous time for each hour. We keep our phones nearby and are prepared to use them to look for and receive information. Text messaging is also a way to engage and get and increase in conversion rates for our campaigns.

Some benefits of text message marketing are that it is fast. When you press “send,” the message goes out in an instant. Imagine the reaching a hundred of impressions and clicks you will get in just five minutes!

Another advantage of text message marketing is that texting is easy to do. It is now possible to get feedback from your recipients as easily as you send messages in an instant. The “reply” button is always just a click away.


Adding Personal Touch.


Customers value personal touch. That is why companies should make the effort to provide this when doing marketing campaigns. Personalizing your marketing does not convey that you only talk about you or your achievements. What is means is that you are connecting with your audience at a more personal level. It is putting yourself in their position and providing them with answers to their questions. Put a priority in understanding your customers, their needs, their wants, and yes, even their complaints. All these information will help you improve your products and services. Your customers will be happier, and your business will grow stronger.


Encouraging Social Engagement.


The great thing about mobile devices is that most of the social engagements come from it. In mobile marketing, you need to build social media in your strategies. There are so many platforms to choose from, you have Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, to name a few. What you need to do as a mobile marketer is to make sure that you must be consistent in distributing your content all over these social media platforms.




The statistics and trends tell us that mobile marketing is indeed the wave of the future. In doing mobile marketing, don’t forget to provide for your users content that is useful, interesting, and entertaining. You can take full advantage of mobile marketing in achieving better brand positioning. With the right technique and with enough time, you will be able to drive more leads and sales to your business.

Mobile devices are within our reach most of the time. Don’t limit your strategy on pay per click advertising alone. Try to learn more and practice mobile advertising. It is reliable, trackable, and yes, affordable. Make mobile marketing the heart of your business strategy.


Author Bio

Nicolas Finet is one of the brilliant minds behind Sortlist – a digital marketing agency in London serving startups and giant businesses for their digital marketing needs through partnership with credible online public relations and communications professionals.