Increase Website Conversions With Picreel-Triggmine Integration


Automatically Send Personalized Emails To Abandoned Leads With New Picreel-Triggmine Integration

If you’re frustrated watching your conversions stagnate while your site visitor numbers continue to soar, you need to check out the new Picreel-Triggmine integration. Together, this powerful duo allows you to capture 25% or more leads on your website and automatically send them personalized emails, turning previously-lost leads into paying customers!

What Is Picreel?

Picreel is a conversion rate optimization tool that allows you to place strategic “popups” on your website to capture email addresses, entice visitors to complete purchases with special offers, and otherwise engage visitors before they leave your site.

Customers can accomplish this through a variety of tools within the platform, such as:

Reel Overlays – Fullscreen or partial overlays that grab visitors’ attention and asks them to take some action.

Reel Surveys – Popups with simple questions to solicit feedback from site visitors.

Reel Links – Overlays that are displayed when a site visitor clicks or hovers over a link.

Each type of popup is fully customizable, or you can choose from a large selection of templates to find a style that complements your website. Additionally, every pop-up campaign can be targeted to serve up overlays on designated pages, to a specific group of people, and deployed on exit, after a set amount of time or percentage scrolled. Picreel customers enjoy advanced analytics, A/B split testing, personalization, and on-site retargeting to further improve conversion rates.

Using Picreel And Triggmine Together

While Picreel excels as capturing abandoning leads from your website, Triggmine closes the loop by automatically sending personalized emails relevant to your site visitors’ behavior.

Here’s how it works.

Plan Your Campaigns

The best pop up campaigns are carefully planned to serve up relevant offers to visitors at precisely the right time. For example, a campaign to reduce cart abandonment might display an overlay for an instant discount if the visitor returns and completes their purchase. But what happens if the visitor enters their email to get the deal, but still doesn’t complete their purchase? This is where Triggmine comes into play, sending the user a highly-targeted email reminding them of the item in their cart, perhaps suggesting similar items, and offering an incentive to return to their cart and complete the transactions.

Setup the Picreel-Triggmine Integration

Using a workflow automation tool like Zapier, you can enhance the Picreel-Triggmine integration by creating workflows that automatically transfer data and send emails based on the data being collected. For example, you will specify a trigger – like when a cart abandonment lead is captured via Picreel. Once triggered, the workflow will instantly transfer that data to Triggmine. In Triggmine, an email will automatically be sent to the new contact based on their behavior.

Match Your Triggmine Email to Your Popup Campaign

Triggmine specializes in sending personalized, high-converting emails that are a perfect match to the leads being captured via Picreel overlays. You can send:

1. Welcome emails – If a visitor joins your mailing list, instantly send them an email via Triggmine to say thank you and let them know what to expect to receive from you. If you have multiple mailing lists, you would set up multiple workflows in Zapier to match the Picreel campaign the lead came from with the appropriate welcome email in Triggmine.

2. Abandoned cart emails – A follow-up email from Triggmine gives visitors a second opportunity to return and complete their purchase. Again, you may have multiple overlay campaigns to reduce cart abandonment: 1) enter an email for an instant discount code, 2) check your email for a code, 3) get a discount when you buy these products together, etc. Match these campaigns with corresponding Triggmine emails to send personalized messages to visitors – 1) there’s still time to save big!, 2) thanks for choosing us; here’s your discount code, 3) here’s what customers who bought these items together had to say.

3. Browse abandonment emails – Through highly-targeted overlays, it’s possible to offer visitors something relevant to their browsing behavior. For example, for a user browsing multiple sewing machine models, a popup could say “Not quite ready to buy? Get a free buying guide for sewing machines.” The follow-up email from Triggmine would contain the guide, and subsequent emails can be triggered offering special pricing and additional buying support.

Like peanut butter and jelly, Picreel and Triggmine just go together! Want to learn more? The Picreel support team is standing by and ready to help with your Triggmine integration.

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