Increase your e-Commerce Business Sales with Email Marketing

It is true that the trend of Email marketing for e-commerce is increasing by leaps and bounds however not many people are aware of the implementation strategy. If you are running an independent store, it is vital to create the email list of clients. Email Marketing is also the vital part of SEO today.  In fact, contact information of the customers goes a long way in trumping the competition and strike rapport but how to accomplish the task is a million dollar question. In the following paragraph we are prescribing few ways that could help to solve the riddle:

Say No to boring ideas

A conventional way of E-commerce email marketing is not going to attract the attention of the potential customers. Instead, it is vital to create intuitive content that can instantly touch the cord and make the person interested in your products and services. Majority of brands adopt a user-friendly approach to strike an instant rapport with the potential clients. For instance, sending textual content that the product is shipped can be replaced by a funny gif epitomizing the transportation of the goods. By empathizing with the clients it is easier to up sell the products.

Focus on abandoned cart emails

There are numerous users that log in to the websites, select the products in the cart and thereafter log off without purchasing anything. In such a case, you can think of novel e commerce marketing ideas that would help in the faster conversion of the business leads. According to research, companies have recovered more than 50% of the lost revenues.

The conversion rate was significantly high from long term perspective. You can persuade the customers to complete the purchase of the abandoned cart as a reminder. In fact, a discount can also be provided to encourage the sales of the product. One of the best ways for persuasion is to use the psychological triggers including the social acceptance of the items through likes and comments.

Up selling and cross selling

E-commerce marketing company should focus on creating up and cross selling contacts increase sales. In fact, 6.84% conversion rates have been recorded in the past. One should send a follow-up message to the customers after the purchase. You can include information about the frequently bought products along with the item being shipped. It is bound to attract the attention of the clients.

As a part of the category follow up, the E-commerce email marketing organization can also promote products that belong to the category of the purchased goods. You should show the options in a detailed manner to elicit a positive response.

Promotional offers

Promotional emails are very popular among the potential customers and the companies looking to advertise their products and services. The email contains short and crisp content with a call to actions on the part of the clients. According to experts, the conversion rates of promotional emails are quite high as they are in the vicinity of more than 10%. Low inventory theme also increases the curiosity among the people.

Customer loyalty emails

The email incorporates engaging content to create an impeccable relationship with the customers. It is particularly directed to win the hearts and the minds of the customers who have not purchased a single item from the store. In order to strike a chord; gather more information about the clients and use them to create a successive call to action.

Win back emails should be equipped with catchy phrases to attract the attention of the customers. For instance, you can include we missed you slogan to highlight the urgency and the value that is attached to the association with the clients.

One of the most important marketing tools is the replenishment emails that can be used for products to be replaced. You should be very particular about the timings of the mail as the chances are sales are quite high.

Innovative newsletters

A friendly and interactive news letter is instrumental in improving the brand value of the company. It is crucial to maintain a long term relationship with the clients. In fact, they are most likely to buy the products and services in the future.

Visitors receive different types of emails related to discounts and the launch of new products. In addition, welcome email for new subscribers can provide amazing results to the business revenues of the users.

Campaign tagging framework is the best technique to optimize email marketing strategy. It is a well-known fact that sending messages to the targeted audiences can improve the chances of sales by many notches. Customization of the email to a particular category of customers attracts their attention to the introduction of new products and services.
One should refrain from sending batch news letters to the users as they are directed towards the spam mail box. In short, make sure that whatever is sent should be interesting and useful to the users.

Author’s Bio

Alana Berge is the writer here. She is working for Awebstar- offering SEO Services in Singapore. She is a thought leader in the fusion of online marketing. She is a self-motivated enthusiastic techie, spends most of her time in writing.