It Did What? 11 Secrets About eMail Marketing

Ever hear the reports about how eMail marketing exploded the success of this person or that?

You may find yourself asking “it did what”?

Done right, eMail marketing really is that powerful.  Let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts of your coming success story as you delve into secrets about eMail marketing and what makes it so incredibly powerful.

It Begins with A List

No matter how hot your niche or awesome your corresponding eMail stream without a list of targeted opt-in subscribers you’re going nowhere fast.  But where are you going to find niche oriented people that have a true interest in what you are doing?


1. Building Your Gateway to The Stars

Or at least to becoming a star in the eyes of your audience.  It starts with a Website or blog of some type.  I recommend WordPress personally.  There are also ways to create a platform to build on using social media sites like Facebook.  The important point here is that you create a platform from which to grow your list.


2.  Choosing Your Provider

This next step will find you speaking with companies like AWeber , Vertical Response, GetResponse,  or even MailChimp.


HOT TIP:  Using a provider rather than your own personalized system is highly recommended as they can help keep your eMails out of the spam box and make sure you stay within guideline regulations among other things.


3. Creating the Link

Once you have your platform ready and the provider chosen it is time to link the 2 together.  Each provider has their own methods of doing this. Not only do they provide state of the art eMail captures forms for you to use, but they also offer amazing support of the same.  Integrate this with WordPress widgets and you’ll find yourself pasting the form code into your sidebar within minutes.


If you have a quality provider then securing that code should not be overly complicated.


4. Acknowledging Signups

Once everything is in place you want to make sure that you have a special thank you page for your audience.  There is nothing more unprofessional in the eyes of your recipient than to be left hanging after signup is complete.  This is where you absolutely must roll out the red carpet to make them feel special and at home or you may find people unsubscribing in droves.

HOT TIP:  Offer something of value on the thank you page that is not available anywhere else.  This is your first opportunity to wow your audience.  Be sure to make that a positive “wow” experience instead of leaving them wondering what they got themselves into.  Give them a niche targeted list of resources or a free report.  Something that makes them smile.


Handling Communications

Once you have all the nuts and bolts in place it is time to build your communication structure.  After all, when doing eMail marketing isn’t the whole goal to create an effective communication platform between you and your recipients?


5. Subject Lines That Get Opened

Much like the title of an article, the subject line of the eMail that you send out can in and of itself make all the difference between a successful campaign and one that fails.

For example, let’s say you received the following subject line…


My 17th eMail to You


Would you be excited to know what is in that eMail?  Especially given that the prior 16 eMails only changed the number of the eMail.  If you’re still tracking by the 17th one, I personally would wonder why.  Perhaps you’re the mother of the person sending the eMail?


Personalize It:  Hey Bob (They feel special)

Brand It: XYZ company (They know it is from you)

Niche It: Here’s How to Prepare Fried Banana’s (They know what is coming)

That would look like this:

Hey Bob, Here’s How to Prepare Fried Banana’s from XYZ company


Given that you’re interested in the niche, wouldn’t the above subject line compel you to open the eMail just a tad bit more?

HOT TIP:  While following all the steps above be sure to keep your subject line as short as possible so that it is easy for your recipient to scan and decide quickly.


6. HTML vs Plain Text eMails

Many providers will give you the option of sending your eMail in HTML code form or plain text.  I recommend doing both.  That way you are accounting for the various eMail services that people use.  In the early days, this was more of an issue than today.  However, if the option is available why not do both and target all your potential recipients no matter how they choose to receive eMails?


7. Single vs Double Opt-Ins

Single opt-ins are those where subscribers are automatically on your list once they sign up.  The danger of taking this approach is that anyone can enter anyone’s eMail into a form.  Thus, the recipient might not actually be the one registering which can lead to a lot of spam complaints.

Double Opt-Ins require the recipient to acknowledge their opt-in after they have signed up through the form.  They receive an eMail, click the link and are subscribed.  Unfortunately, there are those who will not follow the process and thus never get fully connected with your list.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.  If you want to ensure that your list consists of high quality subscribers, then I would recommend following the double opt-in option.  Either way your provider should be able to guide you successfully based on the path you choose to take.


8. Using Your Name vs Company Branding

Names make it personal.  The question remains how personal do you want to be with your audience.

If you are positioning yourself as a coach, public speaker, or a frontline person then I would brand around your name.  That’s what I personally do and it works great.  People that know me trust that what I’m bringing to the table will benefit them.  Therefore, when they see my eMail arrive in their inbox, they smile.

However, if you are building an eCommerce store or some other major entity then branding to the company name rather than a personal identity might work better.  Quick, who owns Amazon?

Don’t know?  Neither do I.  I quick Google would answer that question.  However, the point here is that you knew, or at least believed that you knew, exactly what I was talking about even though names might not be at the forefront.

Working with Your Audience


 9. Mobile vs Desktop Users

Gone are the days when everyone was operating from a 386 or even 286 machine.  Today the device that your audience uses may be mobile in nature, desktop related or a laptop like what I’m using to create this article.

When it comes to eMail marketing you really do need to be all things to all people, or at least their devices.  It really doesn’t matter how good your content is if it is not easily readable on the device that they open it upon.


10. Working with CTA’s

No I did not just misspell the word cat.

CTA’s are calls to action.

They define the purpose of your eMail.  Yes, you need to have a purpose if you want to achieve ultimate success from your efforts.  Here are 3 excellent examples that have worked for others.

  •         Talk To Us
  •         Let’s Do It
  •         Log In With Google

Simply put, your CTA needs to motivate your subscribers to do what you are requesting.

For example, click this link to find more amazing call to action examples direct from HubSpot.


11. Tracking Analytics

As you build momentum within your eMail marketing campaigns readers will move from subscribers to loyal followers and advocates.  Keeping your pulse on this information is supercritical for optimal success.

What subject lines do or do not resonate with your audience?  Find out and replicate as you move forward.

Which CTA’s do your followers tend to click on more?  Repeat success as it becomes known to you.

Simply put, analytics helps you to understand what your followers like most so that you can continue feeding them the subject lines, content and CTA’s that compel them to take action.


Closing Thoughts About eMail Marketing Secrets


Building a loyal list of followers takes work.

It takes effort.

It takes time.

However, I do not personally believe that there is a single other way of connecting with your audience than is better than eMail marketing when it is done right.


You’re working with people that have already visited your site at least once, who have subscribed in-order to be connected with you and are at some level of trusting you and the content you deliver.  Far exceed their expectations and you will find them falling in love with your style, your message and your mission.


By Guy Siverson – Author, Blogger and Online Marketer. He has been a celebrated Online SEO Marketer since the early 90’s. Guy’s greatest joys are his family, friends and helping educate, inspire and motivate others by writing, coaching & speaking engagements targeting success in entrepreneurial careers of others.