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for online retailers who want to grow their business faster


Saves time & money

You shouldn't pay for discounts for customers who would have paid full price. Like a personal assistant that knows your customers preferences and gives them the most relevant suggestions in the right moment.

No marketing skills needed

Intelligent automation reduces all complexity other services have. Instead, users get AI Mode. It builds & runs campaigns, analyzes them and improves its own performance.

Smart & Autonomous

Triggmine's AI analyzes a higher volume of data human possibly can. Next, it selects the best, most relevant offer for each customer.

Depending on each separate e-store’s customer behavior, the system will apply case measures, analyzing the reasons for their behavior and the response to the incentive.

Individual Marketing

Supported platforms

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API integration

Forget the hurdles with e-store’s growth, let Triggmine boost your revenue.


Tomasz / "Takeshop"

“We chose Triggmine for their amazing customer experience and simplicity. Once the service got enough data to enable the AI - our whole understanding of email marketing changed. It works completely autonomous and do not require endless optimizations and set ups. Moreover - it generates sales for us - we’ve increased our revenue at 19% at the first month. Seems legit.”

Selene / "Hecho a mano"

“Why I chose Triggmine? Because I simply don’t have time to segment and upload endless lists of customers and do tons of manual work. That’s why Triggmine’s AI made so extremely helpful and needful for my business. It just like my personal assistant that knows all of my customer’s specifics and gives them the most relevant personal offers in the right moment.”

Sunil / "Brownboi"

“Just imagine the service that perfectly knows why this or that client left without a purchase. Moreover, it knows which incentive will work for this particular person! It’s impossible to repeat the same manually, you’ll never be able to analyze so much info. Result: with Triggmine you’re getting not only email marketing, but whole smart system that leads every visitor to the regular customer. That’s what I love about Triggmine.”

Isaac / "Tiendalimpiacristales"

“I used to send newsletters through a simple ESP. Then I accidentally met Triggmine on Magento marketplace and decided to test it. Upon turning on, I realized that Triggmine is a real game changer. The system understands each and every customer’s behavior and knows how to lead them to the purchase. Definitely the new level in email marketing”

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