Running a Successful Newsletter for eCommerce

The eCommerce websites are required to update their valued customers about discounts, offers and new additions to the shelves. Among the various marketing strategies, a newsletter for eCommerce is considered the most effective one, as convincing existing customers to order again is far easier than a new one.

A well-planned newsletter campaign allows marketers and business managers to generate more sales, increase customer loyalty, and strengthen the bond between brand and its users.

The eCommerce websites have to rapidly update new products to their online shelves which need to be communicated to the loyal fan followings and subscribers. You can take a lead in email marketing campaigns by adding innovative content and trying different strategies.

Following are some of the tips that may prove helpful to your newsletter marketing and may brew successful results.


Be consistent in your message and its circulations.


Set a consistent time period in reaching out your customers. Once they subscribe to a newsletter, they expect to receive an email at least once in a month. Whether you determine to send out emails once or twice in a month, be consistent with your strategy. Sending more or less than what your customers expect will harm the entire campaign. The users may consider you a spam and unsubscribe from the list.

The consistency also applies to the content you circulate through email marketing. It needs to be specific about your products, services, and industry. The users have opted to receive insights about your business or a specific brand, and may not be interested to know about other businesses you acquire or manage. Be specific to the topics they would like to browse and read.


Adding video content.

video in email

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The difference between sending the printed flyer and an email newsletter is the digital content. Make the best use of it by adding videos that deliver a commercial message in a fun loving way. It allows the users to watch an appealing video at the comfort of their home or office, and decide to purchase a product with peace of mind, rather than reading the whole text about it.

The newsletters that have a high-quality video content tends to achieve a higher click-through rate and conversion rate because the consumers are quite sure about the product they need to order. You can add these kinds of videos to your eCommerce campaigns;

  • A demo of a new product showing its practical use
  • Tips for how to use a set of products
  • DIY projects with the raw material you offer
  • Customers’ reviews and testimonials to gain trust


Incorporating the fun element with GIFs.


Source: Mailbakery


GIFs are the moving pictures that attract users’ attention at a first glance. You can use them in making the newsletter campaigns successful by telling a product story in a few moving images. The availability of online tools and applications has made the creation of GIFs a hassle free job.

Most of the companies just combine 4-5 images of an event that shows the highlights in a go. For example, if you have recently conducted a launching ceremony of a new branch or a product of your eCommerce business, but the majority of the users were not aware of it. You can create a GIF for it that recaps the whole event at a glance.


Announcing a competition.


Source: GetResponse


Competitions are worth considering for making your campaigns successfully, especially in vacations. It depends on the products or services you offer on your eCommerce website.

Whether you target your customers for Christmas and need to reach them in summer, the best time is to announce a competition is holidays. They are free to get engaged in any fun loving activity without worrying about the time it takes.

Try to introduce a contest that excites every member of a common family, so you can get a higher reach and exposure. In pursuit of winning a contest, everyone will try to participate and the message will spread quickly by their word of mouth. You might have observed likes competition on social platforms which often brings unknown businesses into the limelight just because the users do free marketing to win it.


Create urgency among users with a countdown.


Source: S-Media


Setting a countdown for taking an action increases urgency among your customers and make them make the purchases before an offer expires. This is one of the effective strategies in carrying out successful newsletter campaigns.

Offering a discount may not be as appealing as the one with a countdown because it is considered a routine practice. Whereas, scheduling an offer for a limited time and accompanying with a countdown can do the trick in making them take action.

Communicating the flash sales through the newsletter for Christmas is one of the best examples where the users get to know about the time they can avail discounts or lowered prices. It gives them an ample amount of time to decide to make a purchase before the given time period.

Though they are free to order whenever they need, but they do keep the date in their mind, and place orders accordingly.


Giveaway unbiased recommendations.


Source: OnePageCRM


A user spends a lot of time in searching for different products and comparing the price against the features. But, still, lack a recommendation by an expert. Get a lead in this matter by finding a common problem that is restraining your customers from placing orders and offer your products as a solution.

Most of the content works in the same manner, but adding a touch of personal experience with recommendation can help them relate to the problem and appraise the suggestions. Make sure the recommendations are unbiased and do not over-promote your products.



The key to a successful newsletter campaign is gaining a maximum number of subscribers and crafting content according to their likes and interests. One needs to be careful in delivering a message that is consistent with the nature of business. You can follow the above-mentioned tips to add spice to your campaign and make it successful by evaluating the results of each strategy.


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Simon Walker is an SEO consultant and eCommerce specialist who has worked in this Industry for almost 7 years. He has worked on several web development projects such as WooCommerce product options extension and is currently working for FMEAddons.