The Only Resources You Will Ever Need To Increase Revenue And ROI

When you really boil it down, your marketing’s sole job is to bring the customers in. For every penny you spend on your marketing campaign, you should be making more back. It’s a simple concept, but quantifying it is often more difficult than it looks. Here are the best resources and tips to use when you’re looking to increase revenue, and really make that marketing campaign work for its money.

Resources for increasing your revenue

– Use the help that’s available: You’re already here, so you don’t really need to be told this. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you should use help whenever possible. For example, you should check out this great guide to content marketing by Academized, as it’s helped a lot of marketers out. Keep an eye out for any guides, tips, or new materials that could give you the edge.

– Use ROI calculators: There are lots of calculators online that will help you determine what exactly your ROI currently is. Once you have that, you can then start thinking about the adjustments you need to start making to your campaign. Try the Active Web Group or the SEO ROI Calculator to get started.

– Remember to reference your content: In the content you create, you’ll want to use parts of other people’s work. If it’s relevant to your customer, then this is often a great idea to draw them in. However, you need to be sure that you’re citing your sources correctly. If you don’t, you could be dealing with embarrassing accusations of plagiarism. To avoid this, use a tool such as Cite It In to make sure you’re paying your proper dues.

– Figure out what a good marketing ROI is for you: Every industry will have slightly different standards when it comes to ROI. What might be acceptable for yours may not be for another? If you want some more information on the subject, this Web Strategies guide lays it out simply for you.

– Use tools to help you predict your ROI: Before you embark on a new marketing campaign, you need to know if it’s going to be worth the investment. There are ways of predicting it, and there are lots of tools that will help you make accurate and useful predictions. Try this SEO calculator that tracks ROI over time and this helpful post on predicting your ROI in terms of your time and budget.

Tools to help you make the most of your investments

Canva: Good content isn’t all text. You need excellent, original images to use too. If you don’t have a graphical designer on board, you can make believe by using this tool. It’s easy to create anything, from Facebook posts to infographics, using this tool.

TweetDeck: This Twitter platform is well loved by marketers, and for good reason. It can give you real time analytics on your marketing campaigns, and you can easily create personalized search feeds to see what people are saying about you. It makes staying in touch with your customers easier than ever.

Write my paper: Engaging content is vital in any business, as you need to give readers a reason to keep returning to you. As this is the case, you should try out this professional writing company. Their writers are experienced in creating website copy and will help you increase your leads and sales as they offer your readers useful information.

RoboForm: You’ll be juggling a lot of different passwords as you manage different accounts during your marketing campaign. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be using different passwords for each one. That’s too hard to remember by yourself, so let this tool do it for you.

SparksFly: This app is vital for anyone who wants to focus on their social media campaigns. It arranges the latest content by topic rather than platform, so you can follow and share from feeds that are relevant to you and your customers. It’s a great and easy way to save time looking for good content to share.

Australian Help: The best way to catch a potential customer’s attention is with a creative ad. It has to be something that really speaks to them. Do you need help in creating something that can do that? Then this writing service may be the people who can help you out.

CrowdFire: The holy grail for any social media marketer is the ‘follow back’ This tool helps you find relevant, popular accounts, and follows them in order to gain a follow back. It’s still a manual process but it finds accounts that are well worth using.

Easy Word Count: The length of your posts is more important than you’d think, especially on social media. If they’re too long, you could well say goodbye to potential customers. They won’t click through to read if your post is too long, they’ll just scroll right past you. As this is the case, check the length of anything you write with this tool.

These tools are the best out there for getting you a good return on your investment. Part of marketing is knowing where to invest your cash. Use the right content creation tools, and you’re half way there.

Author’s Bio

Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success.