15 Tips for a Festive Holiday Marketing Campaign

Excited for the holidays? Do you already have some festive and fun holiday marketing ideas for the biggest celebration of the year?


If you have an eCommerce site and want to drive sales and satisfy customers this yuletide season, then it’s high time for you to create an email that doesn’t only speak about the holidays  but also reach your target market.

Attract buyers with fantastic gifts and entice them with the best offers. Eager to get started on your holiday marketing campaign? Check-out our tips below!

1.Holiday Announcement.

Holiday Announcement

Want to have a successful holiday email marketing plan? Then put a combination of holiday announcements and promotions in your emails and social media postings. Brainstorm with your team to plan the major announcements and promotions for the season. But remember, not all of your emails and social posts should promote new products or services or announcing a big holiday sale or event.  Alternate everything you send with feel good stories, company updates, and holiday marketing so your target audience doesn’t feel like their being constantly blasted with promotions!

2. Holiday Gift Guide.

Posting holiday gift guides on email, blogs, and social networks is a great way to provide gift ideas for customers. Offer gift ideas for your husband, mom, sister, friends, and relatives. It doesn’t have to be too serious.  Remember to keep it fun and festive.

 3. Holiday Coupon.

Holiday Coupon

Spread holiday cheer this festive season and give out free holiday coupons to your customers. It’s every customer’s dream to purchase items using free coupons so, the holiday is definitely a good time to provide them with one! This freebie holiday marketing promo will drive traffic and inspire customers to purchase more items from your website. So, create compelling and festive social posts and emails, but remember to include the freebie coupon!

4 .Captivating Content.

Content is king!  It’s also a surefire way to amp up your holiday marketing efforts. When you add relevant and engaging content to your blog, website, social networks and emails, clients are more likely to become engaged and purchase products from your eCommerce store. Think outside the box and use colors and images that relate to your promotion and highlight special features in your offer.

5. Responsive Holiday Email Templates.

Gadgets are the in-thing these days so make sure your website and email templates are fully responsive. This will add convenience to users who rarely use desktop computers and are always on their cellphones or tablets.  If you’re unsure about what responsive templates are, do a little research.

6. Irresistibly Attractive Offers.

Tickle your customer’s fancy by offering the best holiday gifts and products. Go into details with your promo content and product descriptions so clients can easily give into the offer.   Expect a spike in holiday sales as attractive offers bring in more customers.

7. Create a Story.

What better way to lift the holiday spirit than by creating a connection with the people who support your business… holiday stories do this. Your story can be about the importance of giving and sharing or family holiday traditions or any other feel-good topic. Doing so will put a more personal touch to your holiday marketing campaign.

8. Check and Review.

Take time to review the content of your email, articles, promotions, and any other content that goes public. Embellish and entertain in blogs but remember, emails are not the place for lengthy content. Make sure you include all the necessary details, while not getting too wordy.  Review any holiday marketing content that you send out by reading it out loud to yourself.  This includes announcements and other important information – read them through once or twice before you send them out to customers.

9. Visually Impressive Email.

Impress your customers with stunning visuals and provide holiday-related images and animations. Visuals create more interest and appeal to the readers. So, make sure you create visuals that speak to the subscribers.

10. Holiday Video.

Let your customers know how you and your team prep for the holidays. Create a video that shows a brief storyline, focusing on how you excite your customers every holiday. You can also use holiday videos to thank your loyal customers for a wonderful year.  These videos can be shared in many ways, including social networks, emails, and in your blog. Here’s an example of a cool holiday card which can be viewed in 360°.

11. Catchy Subject Line.

The right subject line or blog title will increase your open rates. Bad ones will be skipped or will send your email directly to the trash without even being opened.  Make sure your titles and subject lines are interesting and catchy. They should provide a glimpse of what you’re offering so if you have a holiday promotion included in an email, don’t forget to mention it in the subject line.

12. Extended Holiday Hours.

It’s important to keep customers updated on any  changes in your holiday business hours. They will be grateful and will surely include you on the top of their Christmas list.

13. Last-minute Reminders.

Last-minute email reminders are a fantastic way to make sure your customers don’t forget someone important on their holiday shopping list. Send out a collection of last-minute gift ideas and promote them in the days leading up to Christmas. These last minute reminders can include gifts, travel needs, or even help customers find last-minute decorations for their holiday parties.

14. Free Shipping.

One of the best ways to encourage people to drop by your website is to offer free shipping. Starting on the first week of December leading up to Christmas week, make it a point to include free shipping in all of your holiday marketing campaigns.

15. Thank You Notes.

End the year with a bang and celebrate what your company has accomplished. Share the great news with your customers and they will be glad to know about your success. Thank them and provide them with something to look forward to in the next year and they will be more likely to remember you for the next gift giving occasion. Use the holiday season to promote your upcoming activities and encourage customer loyalty.

Thank You Notes

Holiday emails present a lot of opportunities for engaging with and increasing customer loyalty. So, put your best foot forward and make this holiday one to remember for your business.  Keep your holiday marketing campaign fun, professional, creative, and engaging to ensure both you and your customers have a happy, festive season.

Do you have more ideas on how to keep your holiday marketing campaigns fun and festive? We’d love to hear your comments below! 


About the author:

Sarinah is a certified procaffinator who works as a full-time Copywriter at PinnacleCart eCommerce Software. She loves working in eCommerce as she has been tracking the impressive growth of eCommerce selling for many years. Her enthusiasm and pro-eCommerce stance is contagious! During her free time, Sarinah dabbles in other creative pursuits like poetry and photography. She also loves books, 90’s music, travel, and fashion… and coffee, of course!