Top 10 Ecommerce Web Design Trends Forecast For 2017

Everyone has own successful ways to gain prominence in the market. The same thing is with the ecommerce store owners. They are happy with their existing marketing strategies. But, there are no hard and fast rules to follow the traditional market trends to succeed. In spite of this, one can adopt highly effective ecommerce web design strategies that are currently in action across the market.

E-commerce industry is on the top and projected to increase with a huge growth ratio. Marketers and entrepreneurs have come up with their decade of ecommerce industry experience and revealed the secret of having increased growth rates for ecommerce websites. These secrets are none other than the latest ecommerce web design trends that are gaining immense praise from all over the world. No matter which type of online shopping store you are dealing with, these powerful trends have come up after a deep market research & innovation and possess the leading characteristics.

This is the right time to have a glimpse on the latest and the most significant eCommerce web design trends that are almost covering each aspect of a website design with their existence:

Mobile Shopping Worth Implementing

For any online store, mobile shopping is a really must have feature. Due to the increasing usage of mobile phones, modern users have started browsing different websites at their fingertips. They think this way better than browsing websites on desktops. But, if you take an idea of desktop users, it is not less as compared to smartphone users. So, it is truly important that you should design your ecommerce website with responsive features so that users can access it not only on mobile screens but also on different smart devices including laptops and tablets.

Material Design

Material design is the concept which was introduced by Google last year to boost the look and feel of all kinds of websites. With the help of this design style, users will be able to have structured and extremely clear designs that provide a soothing experience to the eyes. This method gives designers the ability to build really wonderful and beautiful website interfaces that are clear to end users.

Focus On Images Is Beneficial

Many times, we scroll through a product and find bulk of information which people don’t like these days. In today’s scenario, when there is shortage of time, users prefer to pay attention to effective images instead of reading the entire description given for that particular product. In this context, the first impression of the user would be the pictures associated with your website’s product pages. This trend is useful and especially important for the gift shops and fashion ecommerce websites.

Card-like Layouts Are The Center of Attraction

Attractive stuff is what quickly grab the user’s attention towards it. The card-like layouts does the same thing when integrated to display a product range on ecommerce website. It is the best and one of the most popular web design trends nowadays. These present an organized way to the products and its categories that please the eyes and leave a remarkable impression on users. Additionally, designs with card-like layouts are easy to be converted in responsive ones.

Motion Animation Is The Coolest Step

Motion in anything makes it alive and impressive. The thing is when you put a motion in product description, this will add a charm to your entire product category which urges you to go and explore that product in deep. Therefore, this technique of demonstrating a product with a motion animation is the best idea to be used by ecommerce entrepreneurs in 2017.


Omni-channel is making the ecommerce industry stronger by helping marketers to concentrate on a single source instead of diverting their focus to different promotional channels. Earlier, ecommerce was limited to promoting their products to social media channels, but with the aid of Omni-channel, it becomes easier for marketers to advertise their services and products by providing an exceptional user experience. With this, you can be more experimental and innovative.

Wrapping Up:

Everyone is going through the stiff competition in ecommerce industry. In order to stand ahead of the crowd, you need to adopt recent changes introduced in the market. This can be done with the assistance of highly admired ecommerce web design trends. So, if you want your ecommerce store to be performed faster and better, you must implement these powerful trends.

Author’s Bio:

Tom Hardy has gained much experience while working as a web developer at Sparx IT Solutions – eCommerce Web Design Company. From time to time, he loves to share his experience and findings with a broader audience.