Top 10 ways to promote your products on the e-commerce platform

It is easy to start a business online, but to generate sales is a tough task. Having an e-commerce website will not help much until and unless you have the other platform to promote the products. In this article, we have shared how you can generate revenues by promoting the product on different platforms.

1.    Social media platform


It is the most popular social media platform. All the successful online business has the account on Facebook. Now Facebook has become the popular platform for promoting business. It has been seen that on average an individual spends one hour on Facebook. It has connected millions of people around the globe. There are the variety of different business groups created on Facebook.  Facebook has given an opportunity to the businesses to promote the online business by paid advertisements or adverts on Facebook.


It is another popular platform which helps the e-commerce merchant to increase sales and revenue. The concept is a little different here. On Twitter, people become followers of interested brands, people or company. It is advised not to self-promote instead share the information you tweet with other followers. It is a good platform. You can set the timing like once in a week you can share the promotional content.


It is a new platform but has gained immense popularity in short span. You can also expose products and services by pinning the promotional image on Pinterest. It is the very easy platform just like other social media. The regular posting will increase your company presence and create prospective customer leads.

There are other social media platform like Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc. now it has become mandatory for e-commerce website owner to have the account on all social media.  They should post the same promotional content on all the platform on at a time.  To beat the competition, you should focus on the social media.

2.    Coupon Website

Apart from social media, there are many websites like Groupon or LivingSocial from where you can get the discount coupons. This website offers the coupons, gift card, holiday voucher etc on behalf of the companies. So, you can enroll with these websites and start promoting your products and services. From these platforms, companies can earn actual revenue. These websites have shown repeated purchasing by the customer.

3.    Google shopping results

If you have an e-commerce website and already selling products online then you can get listed on the google shopping results. This way your display advertisement and will be shown on google search results with other products and you will attract more traffic than your competitors. The successful companies are using Google shopping results to beat the competition.

4.    Promotion through video

The video promotion is the latest marketing tool. Everyone knows about YouTube and whenever we search for any video and watch the video then we notice the short ad video either at the start, between or in the end of the video. These videos are affecting the audience and are bound to see the video and get updated. If your promotional video contains some informational content with good quality then definitely you capture the interest of the audience. Even in search engine videos are seen. So, it is a great and successful way to increase the traffic on your website.

5.    Optimization of the content

The unique content with the eye-catching photo on social media or on your website will bring the attention of the customer. For example, Diwali sale offer needs some catchy line like Diwali Dhamaka and with some unique photo will definitely arouse the interest of the customer.

6.    Reviews

whenever we are planning to buy any product, we feel good if we found some good reviews. It brings the confidence of buying the product. There are some external review websites like review center or Quora where customer finds the review and feedback of the product. One can get registered with these websites. If you have good reviews on your website and on other platforms then you can encourage more customers.

7.    Email and SMS

Email and SMS is an old technology yet very influencing. You can build awareness about your products and offers.

8.    Affiliate Programmes

To gain more sales, you can run the affiliate programs. Some website is affiliated with another website.

9.    Pay per click advertising

Pay per click is the effective way to promote. You can get registered with the Google Adword and run the pay per click ad. If customer search for the Prada Bag on Google then your ad will be shown on the first page and when the customer clicks then you will be charged for the click.

10.    Remarketing

when someone searches for the Prada bag a few days ago when you see the ad post of Prada bag follows you on another website. It is expensive and effective.

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