Which Latest Trend Will Have the Biggest Impact for Digital Marketers?

Each year promises great changes in the world of technology and digital marketing. By the end of each year, we always receive what has been promised because the change in methods and strategies that prove to be effective is more real than ever.

Everyone wants to know what is new in the latest trends of digital marketing. And what might be there to stay in terms of effective strategies. All the existing methods have some sort of influence on the marketing world. But some of them are just the right ones to consider if a huge impact is what you are interested as a marketer this year.

Hand-on specialists in this field of activity have different views on what might be the strategy with the greatest impact this year. And at the beginning of 2017. Let’s see what they say.

Increased Complexity in Purchase Decisions.

2016 is the year that has brought the greatest level of complexity. So far in terms of consumer behavior as far as the process of making decisions is concerned. Studies have revealed that online channels play a vital role in this process among worldwide consumers.

82% of the research is made online before making a decision. With only 4% left for specific offline environment research and the rest for combined methods. This is certainly the real hands-on proof that the Internet has a huge impact on the marketing world and should be used by professionals in all of its possible forms of manifestation to achieve noticeable results in their activity.

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New Levels of Mobile Usage.

People using mobile phones is something as common as breathing right now. Everyone has a smartphone these days and the important thing is that we all use it to make research that might help us make purchase decisions. Having a phone and Internet access is all you need now. If you want to discover new information about absolutely anything and make a well-informed decision. This is why mobile marketing is and will remain one of the key trends to consider following in digital marketing this year and the next one.

Shift in Control.

An interesting aspect that experts have revealed this year is the real shift in control from IT and sales to marketing. The real challenge now is to find ways in which to select the most relevant strategies from this complex technology landscape that we have available. Thousands of cloud services available. As well as numerous other options makes it even more challenging. However, a professional marketer will find the right way to achieve highly noticeable results with his new marketing strategy this year and at the beginning of 2017.

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The Combination of Traditional Strategies with Modern Digital Ones.

Every marketing strategy that has been ever used has been efficient to a certain level. The same goes for modern technologies used to ensure high-end results. The great trend this year is to combine traditional methods with the digital world to achieve what has never been done before in marketing.

New integrated plans of digital and traditional activities have led to another new trend that highly impacts the life of marketers and businesses around the world. However, there is still plenty of room left for further innovation. So every specialist is free to discover the perfect combination of strategies and ways in which to put these to good use in the world of digital marketing.

We all have the same strategies available to use. But only our individual way of mixing things up can help us achieve what has not been done before in marketing.

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Finding Extremely Engaged Audience to Achieve Success.

Everyone is online these days. Consumers have complete power and influence in the process of decision making based on reliable information they gain online. One way to achieve relevant results in the world of digital marketing is by finding the most engaged audience for the field of activity we aim at. And transform it into paying customers.

Those who are truly engaged are also the ones that have made the best research before choosing anything. So getting them to choose you as a business or service provider might not be the easiest thing to do.

All in all, there are numerous marketing strategies that have great impacts on the digital world these days. It is all in the hands of specialists to choose proper methods combine and apply them successfully.

So that they might achieve the results they want.


By Maxwell Donovan and DataDial.net!