Let’s start from numbers.

The Head of TriggMine’s Marketing Department Kristina Pototskaya tells how people prefer go online shopping. The numbers are based on a research which was held by Bronto company.

In January 2015 the research made by the Bronto company had the results about people who were going online shopping during a year (from January 2014 to January 2015). According to the results all the respondents were divided into three categories. The first were people who had an addiction to buy new things and went online shopping at least once a week. The second category was about the customers who went for online shopping from time to time and made it only once a month. And the third category of customers is rare visitors. They buy things online at least once a year.

Men VS Women.

More than 60% of respondents answered that they do online shopping at least once a month. About one customer among four of them buy things online every week.


There is a thought that women are addicted to shopping and of course it’s true. But when it comes to online shopping there is a little bit different situation. All in all it’s a great delusion that only women are obsessed with it.



According to the statistics men buy products online twice as likely. So after this you can hardly call only women shopaholics.



Moreover 30% of male respondents make purchases online at least once a week while the number of women doing this is about 18%.


According to a similar research which was held in 2013 there are for 7% more women who are addicted to shopping. While in 2014 men began to buy 5% more. Bronto explains it as there are more sites with an adaptive and handy design as well as users began to buy more through their smartphones and tablets.

Everybody is involved.

Surprisingly the results of the research had shown that the most inveterate shoppers were people older than 40 years. There are 51% of such people. And the group of shoppers aged from 18 to 29 years is 2% lags.

Customers from 30 to 40 years don’t buy so often but at the same time at least once a month they drop for the new clothes.


Comparing to 2014 clients aged 40 and over 65 start buying online more often. At the same time the amount of people from 40 to 64 years who go online shopping was 9% less.

What does it mean?

During to the results it’s obvious that the market situation changes so rapidly and extremely fast. For customers there is not enough only to have the goods in the store. People want to feel themselves special, want to have more attention, get a great service and of course to save money buying the goods as cheap as possible. In order to give a maximum attention to the customers there are special technological solutions.

First of all there are online-chats which help quickly answer the clients’ questions by converting website visitors into customers. Among such online consultants are:

• iAdvize

• Tawk.to

• LiveChat

Another solution to give more attention to the customer is a callback-forms. In this way you get phone numbers of the site’s visitors in order to call them and convince to make a purchase. But in this case there should be well up call center. These services are offered by:

• Vivocha

• CallOnClick

• GetSiteControll

And the third solution is triggered emails. They are essential when it’s necessary to send an email for a certain customer at the right time with a right content. The main advantage of it is that it’s not a mass mailing. The letter will be sent to the certain client right when he is ready to read it and it’s comfortable for him to do it. Among such services are: